Iceland Music Information Centre

Iceland Music Information Centre
Ministry of Education, Science and Culture
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The Iceland Music Information Centre was founded in 1968 and is at the center of classical and contemporary music in Iceland. Its role is to document and promote Icelandic musical composition, ensure their accessibility for performances, and to support the work of Icelandic composers both domestically and internationally.

The Iceland Music Information Centre has an online music collection, which stores the largest collection of Icelandic musical compositions in the world. This online archive is composed of over ten thousand Icelandic compositions made by over four hundred composers. Composers are given the option of registering their own work in the online database.

The presentation and promotion of Icelandic composers and compositions in the Centre is an important part of its work. The primary goal of the promotional work that the Centre engages in is to introduce Icelandic compositions to performers, orchestral conductors, project committees and others who work in the field of music, as well as to introduce Icelandic compositions to new audiences.

The Iceland Music Information Centre is constantly working to build and improve its network to provide opportunities for Icelandic composers and other musicians. The Centre is active in professional activities, such as the International Association of Music Centres (IAMIC), where the Icelandic Music Information Centre holds a place on the board of the association. The Centre also continuously works to strengthen its network by attending festivals, conferences and events both in Iceland and abroad, which assists in its promotional efforts.

Since 2015, the Iceland Music Information Centre has been responsible for an innovation project, Yrkja (to compose), a collaborative project between the Centre and various cultural institutions. The purpose of the project is to prepare new composers for work in a professional environment with bands, festivals and other art institutions. Composers granted an opportunity to work with well known musical groups or musicians then perform at a special concert event hosted by the Yrkja project. Composers work under the guidance of mentors who are already well renowned within the industry for their work.

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The Iceland Music Information Centre advises numerous composers and musicians on various matters, such as content, marketing and networking nationally and internationally. The Centre also advises composers and musicians on funds and grants that they can apply for, which are listed on the Centre's website. This includes both domestic and some international funds for composers and musicians.

The Centre's online archive is an ever growing massive database where Icelandic composers can store their work. The Centre also offers individuals the opportunity to rent or sell their work through their database.

Since 2015, the Centre's innovation project Yrkja has given several new, promising composers the opportunity to work with well-known musical groups, festivals and cultural institutions, such as the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, which has been the main collaborator of the project thus far.

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