Implementation of a System for the Validation of Professional Trajectories in the Field of Arts (Professionalization of the cultural sector through education and training programs in different fields - Organic Law of Culture: Art. 16, paragraph f)

Ministry of Culture and Heritage
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At the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, regulations were drawn up for the validation of trajectories in the field of arts for obtaining a university degree for those people with outstanding experience.

In 2016, the plenary of the Council of Higher Education (CES, in Spanish), through RPC-SO-25-No. 433-2016, decided to disclose in the first debate the draft Regulation of Validation of Professional Trajectories in the Field of Arts, presented by the Permanent Committee of Institutes and Higher Conservatories of the CES.

The validation of professional trajectory is provided for in Article 99 of Chapter I, Recognition or Homologation of the Academic Regime Regulation of the Council of Higher Education (CES), which determines that there are three homologation mechanisms, one of these is by means of validation of professional trajectories.

The validation consists in the recognition of an outstanding professional career or of the work, artistic or cultural experience of the applicant, which may correspond to the approval of certain courses, subjects or their equivalents, or of the entire career.

Currently, the University of the Arts (UARTES, in Spanish) has implemented the pilot plan. The first call was held in November 2018 with members of the Guayaquil Symphony Orchestra and the National Dance Company. There were 28 applicants, 20 of whom will receive their Bachelor's degree in Music and Dance by the end of the year, through the validation of their trajectory.

Quels sont les résultats atteints jusqu’à présent grâce à la mise en œuvre de la politique/mesure ?: 

Signing of the Framework Agreement on Inter-agency Cooperation between the University of the Arts and the Ministry of Culture and Heritage. UARTES added to its academic regime, the alternative of validation of trajectories, but this time through a process open to the community and applied to other degrees offered on campus, such as Music and Sound Arts, Visual Arts, Cinema, Theatre Creation, Dance and Literature. UARTES validated 13 dance applications and 3 music applications.

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The total approved cost for the validation process is US$1,275 per person. Each student paid such amount

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Council of Higher Education (CES)
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University of Arts (UARTES)
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