Including the provisions on artistic education into the Law of Ukraine “On Education”

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The ongoing educational reform in Ukraine influences greatly the future of the artistic education which is without exaggeration the national wealth. During all the years of the Ukrainian independence the artistic education was not the separate issue on the legislative level, being included into the general educational system of the State. In the conditions of the centralized governing it was impossible to recognize the absolutely different and  unique features of the artistic education. Lack of the legislative action in this field could destroy the existing system of the artistic in the State.

The national educational reform demanded the new Law on Education, which was widely discussed, scrutinized and finally adopted by the Parliament in 2017.

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It is for the first time ever in the independent Ukraine when the provisions regarding the artistic education were included into the educational legislation. The provisions of the new law with respect to the artistic education are extremely important for the future development of art in Ukraine, as they define the artistic education as a comprehensive, multilevel system with interrelated elements, emphasizing its specific nature. Besides, the new law set up the term Doctor of Arts.

The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine has hold approx. 30 communicative events dedicated to the development of the artistic education, involving more than 1000 people, and has drafted the list of regulatory acts.

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It is expected to secure the unique features of the artistic education in the general educational system by defining in the legislation the characteristics of all the levels of artistic education (primary artistic education in every special field of art, core education obtained simultaneously with the complete general education, secondary specialized education and higher artistic education) and securing its continuance. Besides, the introduction  of the Doctor of Arts degree allows to secure the sequence of the teaching staff in the artistic educational institutions.

The Law also foresees the securing of the existing professional and social guarantees for the teaching staff of the primary artistic schools.

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