Intercultural Dialogue Digital Training

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Digital Training Programme, held within the scope of the EU-Turkey Intercultural Dialogue Programme (IDP), was put into practice to establish a strong dialogue between European Union and Turkey, carried out through the digital application specially prepared for three months between September-December 2020.

An online training platform was created by developing 12 modules for Intercultural Dialogue Training. Trainings continued uninterruptedly through the online training platform during the Covid 19 outbreak. 45 people from the Institute's headquarters in Ankara and cultural centres in Europe participated in the training programme. Within the digital education programme scope, 13 live webinars were organized, and live sessions lasted 19 hours in total. 17 experts and academicians from Portugal, Turkey, Ukraine, England, and the US provided support for the live courses held online and training platform.  In addition, 48 videos, 6 PowerPoint presentations, and 41 articles for extracurricular readings were prepared for the training activities with a total of 60 people, and 11 exercises and exams were carried out.

Within the scope of the training, a virtual study visit was also organized to Brussels to improve relations between Yunus Emre Institute and European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC). Within the scope of the visit, meetings were held with EUNIC, different units of the European Commission on cultural relations, Culture Action Europe, and the Finnish Cultural Institute, and these were recorded and uploaded to the virtual training platform. In addition, a 2-hour webinar meeting was held with EUNIC officials within the framework of the training programme.


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Five new intercultural dialogue projects were also developed in the 13-week programme, with 45 graduates.
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