International Cultural Cooperation Programme

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

The main goaIs of the International Cultural Cooperation Programme is promoting the openness
of Lithuanian culture by taking part in international culturai dialogue and contributing to creating
a positive image of Lithuania in the world.
Since 1991 Lithuania has signed bilateral and multilateral, interinstitutional and
intergovemmental culturai cooperation agreements with more than 40 countries. Lithuania has
signed and is implementing cultural cooperation programmes with Austria, China, Croatia,
Russia and Ukraine as well as multilateral cooperation prograrnmes with neighbouring Latvia
and Estonia. The International Cultural Cooperation Programme funds these prograrnmes.
The Ministry of Culture coordinates a network of 11 culturai attaches: in the Permanent
Representation of Lithuania to the European Union, Kaliningrad region (Russian Federation),
United Kingdom, France, Italy, Poland, Denmark (also covers Iceland and Norway), Ukraine,
Germany, USA and the Russian Federation. Culturai attaches are responsible for fostering
international culturai relations and presenting Lithuanian culture abroad. Culturai attaches
implement around 250 projects each year.
The International Culturai Prograrnmes Centre - a subordinate institution to the Ministry of
Culture, implements many of the activities presenting Lithuanian culture abroad. The
International Culturai Prograrnmes Centre supports literary translation projects, Lithuania's
participation in international Book Fairs (Bologna, Frankfurt, Gothenburg, London, Tel Aviv
etc.), and workshops for translators, publishing industry visits etc. The Centre also coordinates
Lithuania's participation in European Union prograrnmes for supporting international
cooperation in the culturai and audio-visual sector - 'Culture 2007', 'Europe for Citizens',

Principale caractéristique de la mesure:

The Ministry of Culture is currently implementing new activities under its International Cultural
Cooperation Programme. In 2012 a new support scheme for funding artist residencies has been
introduced. The costs of Lithuanian artist residencies accommodating international artists will be
covered by this scheme. Moreover, a mobility prograrnme for arts organisations as weIl as co-financing
scheme for projects already funded by ED cultural programmes will be implemented from 2013.
The Ministry of Culture IS responsible for implementation of the International Cultural
Cooperation Programme.

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