International and republican projects implemented in the field of literature

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:
“Literary Ark 2014” hosted writers and poets from 11 countries, including famous and eminent American writer Meg Rozof from Great Britain. During “Literary Ark 2014” Festival, the book entitled “Grand” by Janusz Leon Wiśniewski was translated into Armenian, and the book presentation was also held within the framework of the festival with the participation of the author. In the second half of September 2015 (from 21-30), “Literary Ark 2015” festival was held with the participation of 20 writers from 17 countries, including the author of numerous bestsellers, American-Armenian novelist Chris Bohjalian, as well as Romanian-Armenian politician and writer Varujan Vosganian. The festival was entitled “The writer and disaster challenges of the 21st century”. Thematic round table discussions were organised with the participation of Armenian writers and foreign guests. “Granshan” annual international contest of typography was held. It is now the most reputable contest of non-Latin typography in the world. Its aim is to boost the development of Armenian calligraphy. Year after year, the geography of the event expands both in terms of participants and participating countries, as well as competition categories. The Armenian and English publications of the catalogues of award-winning works under “Granshan” contests and the conduct of international exhibitions also contribute to the development and recognition of non-Latin typography. The international festival (launched in 2009) entitled “Dardz ar Girk” [“Return to Books”] was held with the purpose of appreciating books and reading. The Festival features diverse events and actions such as exhibition-sales of books, seminar-discussions, series of lectures, round-table discussions with the participation of Armenian and foreign writers, book presentations, series of fairy tale reading entitled “Ambassadors of Fairy Tales” (with the participation of accredited ambassadors in the Republic of Armenia), open-air actions for graffiti, illustration, nightly screenings of art films, spiritual music concerts, painting contest-exhibitions, theatrical shows, etc. In 2015, the “ArmbookExpo” was held for the second time. It is exceptional for the reason that all the books of the world published and devoted to Armenia and the Armenians are introduced altogether. Within the framework of the exhibition, 5 400 units of literature published in 27 languages in 49 countries were introduced — including from USA (641 units), France (390 units), Lebanon (365 units), Russia (298 units), Turkey (265 units), Great Britain (139 units), Romania (131 units), Iran (108 units). About 2 800 books have been published in Armenia. Books devoted to the Armenian Genocide made up a total of 2 275 units. A catalogue was prepared in the context of the exhibition, including the books published between 2012 and 2015. In the field of publishing, 73 books were translated and published from Armenian into other languages and from other languages into Armenian between 2013 and 2015. Recently, a number of new bookstores and bookstalls opened in Armenia. Particularly, the bookstalls opened in large trade centres may be considered as a great achievement. Already famous literary magazines continue to be published (including “Foreign literature”, “Spring” “Литературная Армения” [Literary Armenia]), as well as literature websites and television programmes about literature continue to run and be broadcast (including “My Library” television programme at and the programme entitled “Theme” on “Shoghakat” TV). Online programmes about literature and culture having been created in the reporting period may be considered as a new direction — “High literature”, “Boon TV”, etc.