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Under Article 119 of the Treaty, the East African Community ( EAC) Partner States undertook to promote close cooperation amongst themselves in culture and sports, with respect to the promotion of cultural activities, including the fine arts, literature, music, the performing arts and other artistic creations, and the conservation, safeguarding and development of the cultural heritage of the Partner States including, historical materials and antiquities; among other activities aimed at promoting an East African Identity. The 20th Meeting of East African Community Council of Ministers held from 19th to 26th March 2010, directed the Secretariat to hold regular EAC Arts and Culture Festivals, Sports Tournaments and Symposia in partnership with the Private Sector, NGOs and Development Partners. (EAC/CM/20/Directive 71).

Subsequently, the 23rd Council of Ministers Meeting held from 5th to 9th September 2011, adopted the decision of 9th Sectoral Council for Education, Science and Technology, Culture and Sports to hold EAC Art and Culture Festival and Sports Tournaments by Partner States on rotation basis (EAC/CM23/Decision43). Thus, JAMAFEST was born with the 1st Edition of the festival held between 11th to 17th February 2013 in Kigali Rwanda and attracted an audience of over 17,500, drawn from the EAC Partner States as well as diplomatic missions, tourists and journalists from the international community.

The festival is held biennially, seven day event, and hosted by Partner States rotationally. First Edition : 2013. Last Edition| : 2019.

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Main achievement from 2016

RWANDA actively participated in:
-The 2017 edition (3RD) of the Festival was hosted by Uganda, from 7th to 15th September 2017 under the theme "Culture and creative industries: An Engine for unity and Employment Creation". The main objective of the festival was to promote regional socio-cultural integration through arts and culture by providing a regional platform to showcase culture as a prime driver of EAC integration.
RWANDA SHONE AT JAMAFEST 2017 STREET CARNIVAL (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTdf27V4exU).
-The 2019 edition (4TH) of the Festival themed "Cultural Diversity: A Key Driver to Regional Integration, Economic Growth and Promotion of Tourism" was hosted by Tanzania. The Festival featured a carnival, art exhibitions, a symposium, live performances, films, literary works, a fashion show and tradition games.

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Private Sector Federation for full inclusion of artists and the Civil Society.
Secteur privé
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