Kisii Soapstone Carving Centre Tabaka

Kenya National Visual Artists Association (KNVAA)
Cette mesure a été reportée par la société civile.
Décrivez les principales caractéristiques de la mesure/initiative: 
The Art and culture Centre for Artists at Itumbe area of Tabaka Kisii, is an initiative and a measure aimed at promoting the soapstone Carving Industry. The centre is earmarked to revive and strengthen the carving industry. Main features of the initiative includes: 1)Establishment of numerous studio spaces and exhibition display spaces for Artists 2)Provide guest rooms for visiting Artists during Art events 3)Promote the marketing and entrepreneurship skills amongst local Artists, create financial resources to enable artists produce, promote and market their respective products 4)Organize continuous intentional Art symposiums and Art Residencies annually, and a myriad of local art promotional events 5)Organize curated exhibitions and documentation of Artists works for international artistic expose, 6)Create educational resources and information centre for Artists through establishment of a Fine Art library and Cyber Cafe for academic references and marketing communication facilities for Artists. 7)Establish an artists welfare kit to cater for calamities and cushioning of artists during time of illness and develop extensive programs for rehabilitation of Artists lost in drug addiction as well as educating the artists on how to utilize sales proceeds in building stable economic investment for their families. 8)The centre will also accommodate cultural practitioners and performing artists through establishment of theater auditorium to entertain guests and locals.
Quels sont les résultats atteints jusqu’à présent grâce à la mise en œuvre de la mesure/initiative ?: 
A consultative meeting was held in February 2019 with the leadership of Kisii County where KNVAA presented a draft proposal to the Minister in charge of Culture, Tourism and Trade in Kisii County outlining the development plan and prospects for the Art and Culture center for Artists at Itumbe area. During the consultative meeting, the county leadership promised to complete the large building already constructed by the county government on the very parcel of public land measuring 40 acres near Tabaka, and hand it over to KNVAA for Artists use as a starting point as the draft proposal outlining additional facilities required for inclusion in the Arts and Culture Centre is considered by the County Government. It is on this basis that KNVAA is working around the clock to ensure that the county government proceed to complete the Art and Culture Center plan to enable complete revival of the Soapstone Carving industry in Kisii, for the benefit of the local artists and cultural practitioners.
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