Large scale festivals and residencies

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Various non-governmental cultural organizations organize festivals to which guest artists are invited. They are organized by such organizations as the Latvian New Theater Institute, Serde, RixC etc. At the same time, the residences of artists and writers are maintained, which allows you to work creatively both in the Dubulti Writers' House, International Writers and Translators House in Ventspils, Serde etc. Since 2009 the association “Culture and Art Project NOASS” started artists in residence program. The resident house is located on NOASS second floor and studio type apartment on Zaubes street. The main objective is to enable artists to get acquainted with Riga as one of the most beautiful cities in the Baltic States, it’s diverse cultural life, giving new impulses to new creation in the field of visual art, art criticism, writers. more about residence >> Since 2007, “Culture and Arts Project NOASS” has operated within the TEH- Trans Europe Halles – European Network of Independent Culture Centres. TEH supports a range of creative initiatives in the European Union and has a membership comprised of 49 culture and arts organizations from 25 countries. more about TEH and projects >> The second largest European network where NOASS actively participates is European Network of Cultural Centres (ENCC). Since 2008, “Culture and Arts Project NOASS” has functioned as a EVS – European Volunteer Services sending and hosting organization, thus promoting the mobility of young people who are interested in cultural and arts events among various public organizations. Also, NOASS is registered in PADOR database which is managed by EuropeAid. PADOR or “Potential Applicants Data Online Registration” is a recent applicant processing system introduced by European Commissions through EuropeAid to understand and maintain extensive information about NGOs requesting funds from it for collaboration projects with worldwide organizations. In addition to the mobility and residency programmes and the opportunities for European volunteer work and its participation in TEH, “Culture and Arts Project NOASS” is continuing the partnerships it has begun with other foreign organizations, representing the Latvian Video Art Archive and selections of the very best works from the well-established contemporary arts and video festival, “Waterpieces”, as well as the Latvian contemporary art scene at international level. Festivals of national significance, which include the participation of foreign artists, are implemented with the help of the State Cultural Capital Fund. For example New Theatre Institute of Latvia (NTIL) is a project based organisation working in the field of contemporary performing arts. Since 1995 NTIL has been organizing the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Homo Novus, which is the largest performing arts platform in Latvia. NTIL also produces and presents projects and long term collaboration programmes together with local and international partners, strongly believing in the necessity to explore the contemporary performing arts field together with artists and audiences. Serde (an association whose goal is to promote the development of professional art in Latvia by developing regional and international cooperation between cultural and artistic organizations of various fields and individuals by offering a real functioning environment and infrastructure outside the usual central urban environment) RIXC is the center for new media culture, art gallery and artist collective, that initiates projects in intersection of art, science and emerging technologies. RIXC's activities include: running an art gallery, production of artworks and innovative art, science and technology projects, organising of the annual RIXC Art Science festival, exhibitions, publishing of Acoustic Space journal series. ( “Culture and Arts Project NOASS” is one of the oldest non-governmental arts and culture organizations in Latvia. NOASS’ goal is to participate in the formation of the Latvian and European cultural environment. In the main, NOASS supports the realization of contemporary arts projects in an urban environment, making art part of the daily lives of residents of Riga and visitors to the city. Furthermore, for several years now association have participated in the planning and programming of the contemporary arts forum, “White Night”, the annual “Riga City Festival” and the “International Museums Night”, as well as realizing a range of individual projects. (
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Taking into account the Latvian Cultural Capital Fund, the support of the non-governmental sector and local governments, every year it is possible to continue the activities of artists and writers residencies, as well as organize festivals that introduce Latvian audiences to the performance of foreign professionals in the cultural sector. This positive trend is expected to continue.