Legislative measures with regard fundamental human rights and public liberties

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

The most important legislative measures, which affect what enters the Spanish Constitution with regard fundamental human rights and public liberties, are the following:

Organic Law 2/2009, amending organic law 4/2000, on rights and liberties of foreigners in Spain and their social integration10. This new drafting of the law is focussed on bringing about a framework of coexisting identities and cultures with the only limitation being respect for the Constitution and the law.

Organic law 3/2007, of 22 March, for the effective equality of men and women11. Among other aspects, it envisages the application of active policies, translated into economic incentives, and the promotion of equal participation among men and women in what is publicly available artistically and culturally. To contribute to its application in this cultural arena, we could mention, as an example, an annual supply of aid created in 2010 by the Women’s Institute, within the framework of a strategic approach which is committed to equality among all citizens with regards access to cultural heritage and to the establishing of positive initiatives which would allow for raising citizen awareness, women’s profile and redressing situations of inequality in the artistic and cultural creation and output of women. Within the Ministry of Culture’s remit, one might mention the positive discrimination of women directors and auteurs in the awarding of aid from the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts.

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