Library Laboratories: Spaces for Creation and Collective Experimentation

Décrivez les principales caractéristiques de la politique/mesure: 
It is a forum for participation among library professionals to reflect, debate and share resources around citizen participation in libraries. This is a broad concept that can accommodate very varied experiences, but that have a common denominator: they get the library to adapt to the needs and demands of a society that, with increasing force, demands transparent, efficient, close and useful institutions . In the period 2016-2019, together with Medialab Prado, two work sessions have been organized in 2017 (Makerspaces in public libraries: libraries as places for creating knowledge and community) and 2018 (Libraries as citizen laboratories: the library as platform). The project includes: A space for exchanging experiences where interested libraries can access activities and projects. These will be explained in detail so that those who wish to have enough information to replicate them in their community. A discussion forum called LAB-BIB, a space where to exchange ideas, ask questions, make suggestions, find partners for collaborative projects, etc. A prototyping workshop aimed at the production of projects that can be implemented in libraries and that are aimed at promoting the active participation of citizens in the library.
Quels sont les résultats atteints jusqu’à présent grâce à la mise en œuvre de la politique/mesure ?: 
They were very well received by the library community and the content of the open debates held in both have shown that professionals demand a space to discuss these issues and a resource center where they can find materials that allow them to incorporate these processes into their library.
Partenaires engagés dans la mise en œuvre de la politique/mesure : 
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Organisation de la société civile (OSC)
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