Measures for promoting the culture of national minorities in the media

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

Lithuania encourages the media to foster society's openness to national minority cultures, to
encourage society's respect for the diversity of culturai expressions and to contribute to
integration processes of national minorities. In 2011 the Ministry of Culture revived an initiative
first implemented in 2007 by the Department for National Minorities and Lithuanians Living
Abroad - a nomination 'For national tolerance' given to persons each year for promoting
tolerance, fighting against racial and national discrimination in society as weIl as promoting
different national and culturai identities in public media. In 2011, 9 works (publications and
broadcasts) were submitted to this competition. The prize went to DELFI.RU editor and reporter
Natalija Zverko.
Newspapers in Russian, Polish and Yiddish as weIl as internet news web sites in Russian and
Polish (http://,;,,
http://kurier.l!Į) are available in Lithuania. The media can apply for support from the Ministry of
Culture through the prograrnme Support for Cultural Projects of National Minority NGOs.
Moreover, by supporting Lithuanian National Radio and Television the Ministry of Culture
supports its broadcasts in Russian, Belarusian, Polish and Ukranian. These broadcasts are a
mandatory feature of the mission of National Radio and Television. The Ministry of Culture also
supports the informationai bulletin News of National Communities published once every three
months. Information about events, publications and other news related to dissemination of the
culture of national mino riti es and/or important to national minorities is published in the bulletin.