Measures to support creatively gifted children and youth and to reproduce the culture of national minorities

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

Furthermore, there are a of specific budget programs in Ukraine: "Measures to support creatively gifted children and youth" and "Measures to reproduce the
culture of national minorities". These programs are carried out in the form of exhibitions, festivals, concerts, contests and other events, including cultural and educational programs, targeted measures for top managers of the · national cultural associations and other civil society activists - in the form of discussion semina~s, conferences, professional trainings, etc. However, since 2012, the state financial support for activities to reproduce the culture of national minorities is occurred on a competitive basis.

During the 2010-2013 the most large-scaled cultural and artistic projects, which promoting a culture of dialogue were: Ukrainian forum of national cultures "Ukraine: artistic diversity and dialogue of the cultures" (2010), the all-forum "Ukraine: Dialogue between Cultures" (20 11 ), the festival of National Cultures (2012), National Children Festival ethnic Ukraine "All we are your children, Ukraine" (2013). Every year the palette of the national creative teams, the participants in these events are been expanding.

Annually the President of Ukraine support young artists and their projects with to grants (in 2012 there were grants amounting to 178,3 thousand UAH and in 2013- 300 thousand UAH). Among the projects, which are supported by the gran_ts in 2013, should underline the creation of the monument Nazar Bilyk "Contrforms" and creation of a series of etchings on the fabric "Ukrainian religious myths" graphic by Julia Tvertina.

There are effective mechanism for supporting creative initiatives, in particular, a various state grants for prominent figures in culture and art, young masters of folk art, and also the industry awards in the field of culture (such as p~ize B.Lyatoshinskiy, L.Revutsky, M.Lysenko, Shalom-Aleichem, K.Bilokur, M.Derehus and etc.). The total amount for these scholarships and awards fun:ding in 2012 is totaled 4.9 million UAH, and in 2013- 7.7 million UAH. The competent jury determine winners of the grants, scholarships and awards on a competitive basic on principles of openness and transparency.

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