Media and Publishing Forums in Belarus

Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus, public and independent media
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A number of media and publishing forums are held annually in Belarus. They contribute to the promotion of various media, their evaluation, and the broader participation of civil society in the discussion of the role and importance of modern media for society in the Republic of Belarus. These forums include:
International specialized exhibition "Media in Belarus"
It has been held since 1997 and reflects the entire spectrum of the country's information space. Print and audiovisual media, Internet resources, news agencies, cable television operators and distributors, print distributors, and publishing houses participate in this exhibition. The exhibition offers the media community and visitors a rich variety of events. It includes presentations of information and Internet projects, autograph signing, workshops, flash promotions, and etc. The exhibition program provides for the discussions of such significant issues as the functioning of media, its role in the development of society, state, and culture.
Within the exhibition, the winners and laureates of the National Literary Media Competition Zolotaya Litera and the winners of the Republican Contest among Journalists and the Media for the best coverage of the issues of interethnic and interfaith relations, intercultural dialogue in the Republic of Belarus, and cooperation with compatriots abroad get their awards.
Belarusian International Media Forum Partnership for the Future
It has been held annually since 2003. Its key goal is to discuss the role of the media in interstate development, the ways it strengthens humanitarian values, promotes mutual understanding between countries and peoples, media digitalizing, media management, etc. The annual forum is dedicated to various topics and hosts participants from more than 30 countries. Within the framework of the forum, the Summer School of Journalism is organized where leading foreign and Belarusian media persons and experts give their workshops. In 2019, the media forum was held in Brest. The main topics discussed at the forum were as follows: media space and information security, the influence of social networks and the blogosphere on the formation of public opinion, modern trends in online journalism and its role in solving the socio-political problems of the regions.
The Minsk International Book Fair is held in early February. Every year it opens the international calendar of book exhibitions. The exhibition is of great practical importance for its participants and visitors. It plays a significant role in strengthening mutually beneficial international relations in the field of book publishing and book distribution. In 2020, the XXVII Minsk International Book Fair took place from February 5 to 9 and was represented by more than 300 exhibitors from 30 countries across the former Soviet Union and beyond. About 60 thousand people visited the exhibition.
A special place in the annual calendar of events of the country is occupied by the Day of Belarusian Writing - a holiday dedicated to national culture, literature, and printed word. Traditionally, it is held in the historical centers of culture, science, literature, and printing. The main idea of the holiday is to preserve and develop the spiritual heritage of Belarus, promote national cultural traditions, show their ties with the Slavic origins and modern times. The program includes an international roundtable discussion held with the participation of foreign writers, the Republican contest of young readers Zhivaya Klassika, a scientific and practical conference devoted to the history of the city - the holiday's capital - entertaining quizzes, quests, and the Book and Press Festival.

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* presentation of the national media and publishing achievements;
* establishment of the discussion platform and involvement of youth and the broad public in the process of discussion of the national media and publishing strategy.

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