Music and Opera Department

National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL)
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The Music and Opera Department of INBAL (CNMO, Coordinacion Nacional de Musica y Opera) promotes and disseminates the universal musical heritage through concerts, festivals, conferences and related activities.
It encourages the memory and rescue of the musical artistic legacy from a contemporary perspective, with high-quality criteria and full recognition of the diversity of the traditional and avant-garde aesthetics.
With that purpose, it promotes the premiere of works by Mexican composers and focuses on the organization and dissemination of presentations by national and international musicians. Likewise, it favors a greater professional projection of its concert performers and vocal groups (Choirs, orchestras, ensembles, singers, musicians) which execute a wide repertoire of musical genres from different periods, achieving a plural and high-quality musical proposal.
From 2013 to 2018, 9,800 activities were carried out with an approximate attendance of 1,883,756 people.
Having in mind that culture is for everyone and the commitment to the inclusion and integration of citizens, the programming of musical activities is inclusive in such a way that people with disabilities are taken care of, and that educational institutions, and vulnerable social groups like children, youth, senior citizens, women victims of violence, among others that have little or no access to cultural goods and services, are offered free access to music activities.
Likewise, through institutional digital platforms and social networks, greater coverage and impact is achieved in new audiences interested in classical music and opera, as remote streaming of the main musical events reaches audiences in the whole country.
The programing of musical activities also includes, empowers and supports artists with motor or visual disabilities to participate directly in the musical and opera productions.
Moreover, and with the objective of valuing and communicating indigenous artistic expressions, the CNMO held a series of concerts with choral works sung in different native languages, accompanied by the film project "68 voices, 68 hearts".
In terms of encouraging artistic creation, professionalization and economic development, the CNMO organizes competitions and calls like the National Piano Competition Angelica Morales-Yamaha, the Manuel Enriquez International New Music Forum, the sessions organized with the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico, the National Singing Contest, Carlo Morelli, which annually contributes to encouraging young talent interested in opera, in order to strengthen their artistic training and encourages them to dedicate their lives to the cultural field.
As well the National Opera Company of the CNMO issues annual calls for young singers and pianists to join the Studio of the Opera of Fine Arts (EOBA), an institution that allows them to improve their artistic skills.
Similarly, the National Opera Company invites and motivates students from singing schools to directly participate in Opera productions, which not only allows them to expose their artistic talent, but also to strengthen their professional development.

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Music events and audience:

YEAR: 2016
AUDIENCE: 170,927

YEAR: 2017
AUDIENCE: 138,955

YEAR: 2018
AUDIENCE: 175,902

YEAR: 2019
EVENTS: 1,033
AUDIENCE: 171,983

TOTAL OF EVENTS 2016-2019: 3,829
TOTAL OF AUDIENCE 2016-2019: 657,767

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