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Many countries have developed Cultural and Creative Strategies to capitalize on the opportunities brought by deliberate efforts to grow this field in the economy of their countries. Culture creates jobs and businesses, and with planning it can grow to contribute substantially to domestic economies and the lives of people. The UAE has learned from successful examples, and the Ministry of Culture and Youth has introduced the concept in the UAE in 2018 through the Culture Agenda 2031. Below is a highlight of efforts at the federal and local governments to develop strategies to strengthen and nurture the cultural and creative industries (CCI):
* National Cultural and Creative Strategy: Since 2019, the Ministry of Culture and Youth has started developing a 10-year national culture and creative industries (CCI) strategy, now in the final stages of development. The Ministry has met with many stakeholders to understand the current situation and assess the needs of the sector, and how those needs can be translated in the strategy. It has also conducted extensive best practice studies to incorporate them in the national strategy. Some of the main objectives of the national CCI strategy are:
o Provide a supportive and enabling environment that fosters a robust creative ecosystem to fully tap CCI sector potential and ensures sustainability of creative talent.
o Foster growth and development of the wider Cultural and Creative Industries in UAE.
o Promote key strategic CCI sub-sectors and nourish sectors that have potential.
o Identify opportunities for synergies and collaboration, across the UAE within both the government and the private sector and ensure higher participation and engagement from all parties.
Once completed, the strategy will be implemented in partnership with national and local partners.

* Abu Dhabi Culture and Creative Industries Strategy - 2020 - 2024: In 2019, Abu Dhabi developed a 5-year culture and creative industries strategy 2020-2024, working in collaboration with key sector partners. The Strategy seeks to strengthen Abu Dhabi's position as a globally recognized center of creative talent and a leading regional producer and exporter of creative and cultural content. Five strategic pillars provide a framework for initiatives to be implemented over the term of the Strategy, which include: Governance, Talent, Innovation, Business Development, and Place. The Strategy will be implemented by the Government of Abu Dhabi and by sector partners. The vision is to position CCI as a critical contributor to liveability and vitality in the community, and to economic development and diversification, including job creation.

* Culture Plan for Dubai: In 2020 Dubai Culture and Arts Authority announced a Six Year Strategic Roadmap for Dubai, outlining the Authorities strategic goals for the creative sector between 2020 and 2026. The strategic roadmap has the overarching aim of positioning Dubai as a global center for culture, an incubator for creativity and a thriving hub for talent and seeks to facilitate the Authority's pivotal role in promoting the development and sustainability of the city's cultural ecosystem and creative economy. The Roadmap creates a framework for effectively mitigating the impact of challenges created by the COVID-19 crisis on the cultural industry by putting in place strong measures and establishing the necessary support to protect the creative industry and help it flourish. The strategic roadmap was developed following several workshops that brought together senior leaders from the Authority's management, industry stakeholders and strategic partners representing government entities, the industry and the private sector.

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The National CCI Strategy is still being developed and the local CCI Strategies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are relatively new. Nonetheless, steps are being taken to engage strategic partners to implement initiatives and measures to support the culture and creative industries in the UAE. The Ministry of Culture and Youth has conducted a study of the business environment for freelancers and SMEs in the culture and creative fields. The study identified the main categories of challenges that freelancers and entrepreneurs are facing within the ecosystem over the different phases of their career and entrepreneurship journeys. Based on this, discussions are underway with the Ministry of Economy to identify ways of development and implementing policies to support creatives and enable the ecosystem.

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