National Plan of Cultural Equality

Secretariat of Culture of Argentina
National Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services
Objectifs clefs de la mesure:
  • Integrate and articulate communication and culture public policies in place to enhance their effects and expand their scope.
  • Generate the necessary technological conditions and infrastructure to ensure equal opportunities in terms of access, production and dissemination of cultural goods and services, in a federal and inclusive manner.
  • Promote production of cultural goods, vital for the creation of new jobs, social inclusion and fostering of national culture at the local and international levels.
  • Preserve, revalue and increase Argentina's cultural heritage.
  • Promote the production, movement and exchange of cultural goods throughout the country.
Périmètre de la mesure:
Principale caractéristique de la mesure:

This policy is implemented through four strategic axes of actions:

  • Digital Culture Federal Network
  • Cultural Infrastructure
  • Promotion, Stimulation and Innovation of Arts and Cultural Industries
  • Bicentennial Cultural Centre

These core actions are related to the following work components: Open Digital Television, Argentina Conectada and National Cultural Policies.
Components: Open Digital Television (Televisión Digital Abierta; TDA) 

This is the social plan used by the Argentine State to implement the new technologies required for the deployment of Digital Terrestrial Television and Satellite Digital Television nationwide, generating a qualitative leap in terms of communication. This new way of watching TV improves the quality of TV completely by offering a diversity of contents, citizen participation, ensuring social inclusion, creating new jobs and strengthening the national industry; in short,  free and open TV coverage across the country. The implementation of the Open Digital TV (TDA) represents an extremely important technological change. People will be able to watch TV with enhanced image and sound, in addition to having multiple programming options and interactive features.The Open Digital Television (TDA) is a National Social Plan that will provide access to telecommunication across the nation encouraging federalization of contents.  It promotes the integration of areas that currently do not even have access to analogue TV (it will have national coverage). The idea is to supply high quality contents, promote local cultures and  distance learning, turn TV into a participative forum where new actors can participate (NGO, universities,  cooperatives, community centres, catholic church.). The TDA will strengthen the national technological industry and create new jobs, in producing decoders and televisions, among other things. Additionally, cooperation partnerships were established with other countries that that have adopted and are adopting the Japanese standard in Latin America.

Operational Plan for the Promotion and Fostering of Digital Audiovisual Contents

The objective of this plan is to foster our audiovisual industry's productive potential and its capacity to generate high quality and socially relevant TV contents Banco Audiovidual de Contenidos Universales Argentino (BACUA). This a federal space for the exchange of digital audiovisual contents. The BACUA, searches, organizes, digitalizes and socializes audiovisual contents reflecting the cultural diversity of our territory, democratizing the access to contents to promote dialogue nationwide.

Polos Program

The objective of this program is to foster networking, based on the country's division into nine regions or Technological Audiovisual Poles (Polos), made up by several provinces, to promote equal opportunities and reduce asymmetries among provinces and regions.

Operational Plan for the Promotion and Fostering of Digital Audiovisual Contents 

The objective of this plan is to foster our audiovisual industry's productive potential across the country to generate high-quality and socially relevant TV contents by implementing contests.

Regarding our national audiovisual policy, federal contests are key for the promotion and development of a truly federal, plural and democratic audiovisual production. The National Inter-University Council (Consejo Interuniversitario Nacional; CIN) will conduct in 2012 a new edition of contests to select new High Quality and High Definition fiction series for Digital TV, aimed at open TV channels and production companies associated to an open TV channel/.

Argentina Conectada National Programme

This plan was implemented in 2003 by the Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services and it represents an integrated connectivity strategy to enhance daily communication conditions for the entire population of our country; since access to information and communication are key for national development. Argentina Conectada is a State policy whose main objective is to generate a digital infrastructure and service platform for the government sector and citizen connection, and it was planned on four axes of action:

  • Infrastructure and Equipment for Connectivity: set up a secure, strategic and sovereign optical fiber, starting at areas without infrastructure and federalizing quality, price and contents.
  • Government Services and Cultural Contents: technology for better communication management and quality among the different government sectors. Foster the development of convergent and socially relevant contents.
  • Digital Inclusion: implement spaces for access to new technologies that enable the development of motorized tools and skills for community development.

ARSAT SA, a state-owned company, is dedicated to the implementation of projects at different stages in an inclusive and federal manner based on the requirements of the public sector (local operators and cooperatives, SME), social and cultural movements, and productive, scientific and technological sectors.

Ressources financières allouées à la mise en œuvre de la mesure:

US  $216,386,363.00