Ministry of Culture, Bulgarian Cultural Institutes Abroad
Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

State policy towards Bulgarians abroad is the result of the presence of  Bulgarian communities outside the state borders of the Republic of Bulgaria. Bulgarian communities have a recognized status of national minorities in eight countries. Five of them are member states of the European Union – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia and Hungary, and the others are Serbia, Moldova and Ukraine.

The cultural policy of the Bulgarian state contributes to the preservation of national identity, ethno-cultural and spiritual identity of Bulgarian citizens and Bulgarian communities abroad. The Ministry of Culture has a pivotal role in this policy.

The specific nature of the cultural sphere defines specific and consistent steps in the work of the Ministry, such as:

- Establishment of a National Programme for Dissemination of Bulgarian Culture Abroad;

- Promoting a positive image of the Republic of Bulgaria by promoting the achievements of Bulgarian culture;

- Reinforcing the place of Bulgarian culture in global cultural processes;

- Creating a positive environment for building lasting links and friendly relations between the Republic of Bulgaria and the host country in the field of culture;

- Actively supporting the development of creative industries and the competitiveness of Bulgarian art;

- Creating a media and information environment in the host country that accurately depicts Bulgarian culture in all its aspects;

- Bulgarian cultural and information centres abroad help the organizations and clubs of our compatriots in their cultural activities.

The activities of the Bulgarian cultural institutes abroad, which are methodologically and financially managed by the Ministry of Culture, support the preservation of the Bulgarian national cultural identity and its integration in the cultural diversity of Europe and the world; the preservation of the Bulgarian national cultural characteristics; broadening and deepening the connections and contacts of Bulgarian culture abroad, etc.

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financial, institutional
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The Bulgarian Cultural Institutes Abroad are financialy supported by the budget of the Ministry of Culture.

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The information is contained in item b.