The National Theatre of Iceland

The National Theatre of Iceland
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The National Theatre of Iceland has been a leading institution in the Icelandic theatre scene since its formal opening in 1950. Presently, the Theatre has five separate venues with incredibly diversity in its production. With a varied selection of theatre productions, the National Theatre endeavors to stimulate interest in theatre and the dramatic arts with people of all ages while encouraging Icelandic playwrights in their writing and providing support for the development of other dramatic creations.

The Theatre stages around 20-30 productions each season. These are, for example, Icelandic and foreign classics, musicals, dance pieces, puppet theatres and various children's productions. The Theatre collaborates with independent theatre and dance groups on new productions. It often takes its productions on national tours and occasionally tours its productions internationally. The Theatre employs about 130 individuals in freelance roles.

An Equal Rights Strategy is in place for the National Theatre. The aim of the strategy is to ensure the equal rights and treatment of individuals of both genders within the Theatre and that both genders receive equal remuneration.

The National Theatre of Iceland is the property of the Icelandic Nation. It is funded by the Icelandic government with the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture overseeing the Theatre.

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In 2018, the National Theatre received 118,000 visitors to their live performances. In that year, 36 different shows of various types were held, nine of which were shows specifically for children or youth. Children and youth shows alone were attended by 44,000 individuals.

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In 2019, the National Theatre received 10,537,493 USD (1,439 million ISK) from the State Treasury.

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