New Brunswick Artist-in-Residency Program for Schools

The Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture of New Brunswick
The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development of New Brunswick
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The Province of New Brunswick, through the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, offers an Artist-in-Residency program for schools. The Artist-in-Residency School Program places professional artists in rural and urban schools to broaden and develop the arts education program by bringing together the creative potential of students and the unique energy of artists. It is intended to provide students and their teachers with the opportunity to spend a minimum of three days working closely with artists in order to enhance the students’ artistic perception and appreciation.

The objectives of the Artist-in-Residency program are:

  • To encourage and provide opportunities for students to express themselves and take part in the creative process at the earliest possible age and throughout every stage of their formal education;
  • To allow students to think creatively and critically through education in the arts;
  • To offer students the possibility to work with professional artists while actively participating in artistic projects in the context of their academic curriculum;
  • To help students develop a better appreciation of culture and the arts as well as local artists;
  • To witness a live performance, demonstration or exhibit by a professional artist; and
  • To encourage students to be creative from the time they are very young, which is one of the best guarantees of self-fulfillment, self-respect and the respect of others, all essential components of a culture of tolerance and peace.

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The Artist-in-Residency School Program funds art projects which are based on curricular outcomes within the Fine Arts and are a collaboration between one or more teachers and one or more artists. Schools work with professional artists in a variety of disciplines to provide students with meaningful opportunities to create, produce, participate in, and learn from the arts. To apply to the program, schools must initiate a project together with a professional artist or artists in any of the following artistic disciplines: music, dance, theatre arts, literature (playwriting, storytelling), plastic arts, and media arts such as film and video. Each residency must include a performance or live demonstration by the artist or artists, as well as a minimum of 15 hours of hands-on practice for the students.

Schools may receive up to $3,000 per residency. Five residencies per fiscal year per school district may be selected.

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The Artist-in-Residency School program is expected to expose youth to a variety of art forms while learning from a professional artist.

The program’s target outcomes are the following:

  • Students will gain a new level of appreciation for the arts combined with an increased level of understanding of the Fine Arts curriculum matter targeted by the residency;
  • Students will think creatively and understand deeply as they explore and develop their creative abilities while applying them in a variety of ways;
  • Students will think divergently and creatively while communicating effectively through the arts;
  • Students will manage, access, process, evaluate and present information aesthetically for a variety of audiences;
  • Students will be able to use various art forms, skills, language and techniques as a means of formulating, exploring and expressing ideas, perceptions and feelings.
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