New initiatives for strengthening bilateral cooperation in the framework of economic field

Ministry of Culture and Media
Ministry of Finance
Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

Development of new cooperation formats through Joint Ministerial Commissions of States.

Périmètre de la mesure:
Principale caractéristique de la mesure:

Within the scope of strengthening of traditional bonds of friendship and international cooperation, a new practice has been established by introducing of the field of culture into documents that concern economic and scientific-technical cooperation and are adopted at meetings of bilateral level - Joint Ministerial Commissions of States. Some of examples are: Serbian-Algerian commission for economic and scientific-economic cooperation (November 2009) where exchange of documentary movies is mentioned; Commission of Serbia and Arabian Republic of Egypt (Mаy 2010) when Egyptian side invited Serbian side to participate in international art festivals; Serbian-Ukrainian commission for trade, economic and scientific-technical cooperation (January 2012) confirming the will of the Parties to improve cooperation in the field of culture and enable creation of film co-productions; Serbian-Belorussian commission (January 2012) where there exists recommendation to competent authorities of Belarus to consider option that two business premises within the Trade Center Stolica in Minsk are offered on a lease to Serbian companies, to be used for sale of fashion shoes and designer clothes and/or other products from Serbian manufacturers; Joint Commission of Serbia and Azerbaijan (May 2010, November 2011, November 2012) support to organization of concerts and art groups and artists tours; participation of artists and theatre troupes in international music and theatre festivals in their countries, as well as organization of exhibitions of fine arts.