Other State administration initiative encouraging access to culture and upholding diversity

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

Other State Administration initiatives which are not necessarily laws or regulations have shown considerable operative levels and efficiency. Below we mention some these, which either encourage access to culture, uphold diversity, facilitate access to cultural activity, promote creativity or improve means on the part of producers or distributors:

  • Integral Spanish strategy of culture for all. Access to culture for persons with disabilities. With the collaboration of the Ministries of Culture and Healthcare, Social Policy and Equality. The Strategy’s philosophy departs from the notion that the diversity of cultural expression has a multiplicity of forms, and that its universal accessibility serves to overcome obstacles faced by persons with disabilities.
  • To protect the heritage of cultural minorities historically present in Spain, we would highlight the creation, on the one hand, of the Institute of Gypsy Culture, in the legal form of a public foundation, and promoted by the Ministry of Culture (MCU). Gypsies represent 1.5% of the Spanish population, and their presence in the country dates from the 15th century. The aim of the Institute is to contribute to the harmonious relationship between the diverse groups and cultures present in Spanish culture, and supports the development and promotion of gypsy history, culture and language in all its manifestations. Likewise, for the protection of all facets of Sephardic heritage, the Network of Spanish Jewries has been created, a public, non-profit association whose members (fundamentally local public administrations) promote cultural and academic projects, organising activities in Spain and abroad, and formulating sustainable cultural tourism policies in their cities.
Objectif(s) de la Convention 2005 de l'UNESCO
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