The Palestinian Audio-visual Project

Young directors, actors and producers.
Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

The Palestinian Audio-visual Project was launched  in 2004, € 616,000, project co-funded by the A.M. Qattan Foundation and the EU. The project has three areas of intervention:

  • Capacity-building through a national Training Programme.
  • A Schools Film Education Programme, aimed at school students.
  • Publication and distribution of audio-visual works with Palestinian themes.
Périmètre de la mesure:
Nature de la mesure:
financial, institutional
Principale caractéristique de la mesure:

Create highly qualified young directors, actors and producers in the field of film industry, capable of commercialize and develop their productions on a larger scale.


Résultats attendus de la mise en œuvre de la mesure:
  • First ever national industry survey conducted.
  • 29 Students trained in the foundations of filmmaking (Part 1).
  • 19 Students received further training in different audio-visual disciplines (Part 2).
  • 17 screenwriters submitted entries to screenwriting competition; 9 finalists attended two writing workshops (Part 3).
  • Four short films produced by crews of students and volunteers in quasi-professional conditions.
  • 46 ciné-clubs established in Palestinian schools.
  • Seven workshops held with teachers on the use of films in the classroom.
  • Over 2,100 copies of 47 classic films distributed to schools.
  • Seven classic films licensed, subtitled and distributed to schools.
  • 30 films with a Palestinian theme granted a publishing or distribution grant.
  • Establishment of Network of Arab ciné-clubs –SHABAKA- in four different countries.
  • 34 members become members of SHABAKA.
  • A fully-operational bi-lingual website, including database of technicians, services and films and on-line film discussion forum.
Ressources financières allouées à la mise en œuvre de la mesure:

Co-funded by the A.M. Qattan Foundation and the EU