Participation of disabled persons in the cultural life

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

The main goal of the measure "Participation of disabled persons in the cultural life in the Republic of Croatia" is to ensure conditions in which disabled persons can present their creative, artistic and intellectual capacities in order to equally participate in the cultural activities. Full equality and equal opportunities for disabled persons also imply their right to be fully integrated into society, as well as their participation in the cultural life. Encouraging involvement of disabled persons relies on raising social awareness of the diversity and value of their cultural activities, as well as on encouraging complete independence in artistic and creative expression, but also ensuring support to all forms of cultural activity produced by disabled persons.

This measure aims at:

  • adapting legal regulations in order to more efficiently involve disabled persons into the cultural life and activities;
  • ensuring development and affirmation of creative capacities of disabled persons and facilitating their equal participation in the cultural life, together with other participants;
  • making possible for disabled persons to obtain the status of artist and earn from their artistic work;
  • systematically following, in the media, the work and achievements of disabled persons in culture;
  • facilitating access of disabled persons to culture institutions (museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas, concert halls and other) and fo llowing their programmes through the use of modern technical achievements;
  • ensuring that disabled persons have access to and/or professional information, i.e., the experience of cultural heritage: historical buildings, sites, art work, traditional tangible and intangible heritage;
  • encouraging participation of sponsors and donors in the implementation of programmes and events organised by associations of disabled persons.

The mentioned goal is set out in the constitutional provision guaranteeing for special care to be provided by the state in the protection of disabled persons and their inclusion in life. The provision is defined in the 2007-2015 National Strategy of Equal Opportunities for Disabled persons.


Principale caractéristique de la mesure:

The measure Participation of disabled persons in the cultural life is implemented through six special activities which the Ministry of Culture is responsible for, in cooperation with the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, the Ministry of Family, Veterans' Affairs and lntergenerational Solidarity, civil society organizations and local and regional self-government units:

  1. Continuously encourage and promote projects promoting creative and artistic capacities of disabled persons (at professional and amateur level);
  2. Ensure participation of theatre and other artistic soloists and groups of disabled persons at regular cultural events (festivals, parades and other cultural events) under the same conditions:
  3. Promote networking and involvement of disabled persons in projects in culture at international, national and local level;
  4. Raise public awareness of artistic work done by disabled persons;
  5. Promote and establish cooperation with potential sponsors and donors (companies, corporations, private entrepreneurs, banks and other social and economic entities);
  6. Amend regulations with the aim of ensuring equal opportunities for disabled persons in culture.

Examples of such activities are reflected in the continuous support provided by the Ministry of Culture for projects and activities carried out by the Association of Physically Disabled Persons "Festival of Equal Opportunities", "Theatre of the Blind and Visually lmpaired 'New Life", "International Festival of the Blind and Visually lmpaired BIT", participation in the Republic of Croatia and in France at the festival Oeuvres et Realisations des Personnes Handicapées d'Expression Européenne«, single drama plays in sign language and visits of the Association of Theatre, Visual Arts and Culture of the Blind "Dian", the Croatian Association for Deaf-blind Persons "Dodir (Touch)" and other associations of disabled persons.

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