Particular commitments of state-owned enterprises and organizations that report to the Minister of Culture and Communications

Canada (Quebec)
Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

Based on their fields of expertise, several state-owned enterprises and organizations that report to the Minister of Culture and Communications have entered into particular agreements with foreign governments or institutions to develop partnerships. Through these agreements, international cooperation initiatives relating to culture can be carried out.

Among other things, through its residency workshops and studios, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Quebec's (CALQ) goal is to support and stimulate creators by making the appropriate means and environment available to them to do and disseminate their work by making it possible to exchange artistic and literary perspectives and by contributing to establishing lasting ties between Quebec and foreign creators.

The Societe de developpement des entreprises culturelles has concluded several agreements to foster international professional cultural exchanges and encourage the conclusion of eo-production and eo-distribution agreements in the cultural sector.

Bibliotheque et Archives nationales du Quebec (BAnQ) would like to improve its collaborative efforts in Canada and abroad by cultivating existing partnership agreements with Canadian and international archival and library communities.

The Conservatoire de musique et d'art dramatique du Quebec (CMADQ) establishes institutional collaboration agreements to achieve several objectives, including reciprocal student mobility, educational exchanges and the promotion of the creation and dissemination of the work of young creators and performers.

The Musee de la civilisation de Quebec (MCQ) has several international showcasing activities, notably including professional cultural exchanges, the mobility of artists and cultural professionals and the transfer of knowledge and expertise in the cultural sector.

Périmètre de la mesure:
Nature de la mesure:
financial, institutional
Principale caractéristique de la mesure:

Since 1994, the CALQ has implemented various long-term residencies through an agreement, such as Quebec studios abroad, residencies based on artistic exchanges and artistic residencies of different generations, with all fields included. Since 2011, the network has grown with the addition of several residencies and exchanges, including a new artistic exchange between Nunavik and France, a new studio at the Tokyo Wonder Site (Japan) and a new artistic research and creation residency in Basel, Switzerland. lt now includes six studios from Quebec abroad and 24 residences based on the partnership and artist exchange in Quebec.

The SODEC has several foreign partners (link available in French only) in the field of cinematic relations, books and fine crafts/visual arts. Since 2012, several eo-production meetings have also taken place with Brazil, Denmark, Latin America, Mexico and Bavaria. The SODEC has also agreed to the commitments in the books, fine crafts and visual arts sectors.

BAnQ has established various partnerships with archival and library communities, which has made it possible to carry out projects varying in nature, such as exhibits, publications and translations.

Since 2012, the CMADQ has entered into two new institutional collaboration agreements, one with the Royal Northern College in Manchester, United Kingdom, and the other with the Staatliche Hochschule Stuttgart in Gennany. This has allowed students to participate in placements at these various institutions.

The MCQ's international cooperation actions also take on various forms: loaning and borrowing collections, co-production agreements or travelling exhibits, highlighting various cultures through cultural mediation activities, scientific partnerships and professional collaborations in museology.

Résultats attendus de la mise en œuvre de la mesure:

Through these various commitments, the Government of Quebec would like to encourage greater mobility for Quebec artists, cultural professionals and cultural products to ensure that Quebec culture is showcased on the international stage. lt would also like to foster the exchange of expertise between cultural institutions in Quebec and abroad.


In 2014-2015, 49 awards were granted to artists to stay at a studio or workshop-residency outside of Quebec. The artists in residence program also supported 45 projects led by organizations to house artists from Germany, Upper Austria, Belgium, Colombia, Finland, France, Haiti, Hungary, Mexico, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.


In 2014-2015, 11 projects were carried out with national and international partners, including the Hommage a Felix Lee/ere exhibit on display at the Bibliotheque nationale de France (BnF), the publication of the Recueil de regles de numerisation, which was published in collaboration with the BnF and the Canadian Museum of History, and the partnership with Wikimedia for the Wiki Tuesday activity, which contributes to the development of Quebec and Francophone content in Wikipedia.


In terms of exhibits and collections, since 2012 several large exhibits have been eo-produced and were showcased internationally in places like Rome, spanning from its creation to the Italian capital, Samurai, and works from the Ann and Gabriel Barbier Mueller collection. As for cultural mediation and digital technology, each year the MCQ produces several activities and signs over 15 partnerships with cultural organizations, each of which lead to international collaborations.


Since 2012, the CMADQ has admitted one student from the Staatliche Hochschule Stuttgart and allowed two students from the CMADQ to study abroad (one in German, and another in Bordeaux, France at the Conservatoire Bordeaux Jacques Thibaud [2010 agreement]).

Ressources financières allouées à la mise en œuvre de la mesure:

CALQ (2014-2015):

- $CAD 464.9K in awards for Quebec writers' and artists' residencies in studios and workshops -residencies abroad;

- $CAD 264K in grants to Quebec organizations through special agreements for housing artists in residence.


Data taken from the CALQ's 2014-2015 annual report. Data for the other organizations were not available.