Policies and Measures on the Decentralization of Responsibilities for Policy Development

Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture
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The Government of Indonesia has issued the policies and measures to decentralize responsibility for policy development. Among those that are relevant to be reported are:
1. Regional Apparatus Organizations that are in charge of Cultural Affairs of the Regional Government (Law 23 of 2014 on Regional Governments);
2. Special Regional of Yogyakarta Regulation 3 of 2017 on Conservation and Development of Culture; and
3. Special Allocation Funds for Culture.

After the reform movement in 1998, Indonesia embarked on decentralization of governance through a regional autonomy policy. Regarding culture, each Regional Government - both at the regency/municipal and provincial levels - has a Regional Government Organization that carries out cultural affairs of its government. Each Regional Government Organization in charge of cultural affairs will coordinate with the Ministry of Education and Culture in carrying out its primary duties and functions.

Furthermore, the Regional Government also has the authority to draft Regional Regulations to develop cultural policies. This authority is in line with Article 18 paragraph (6) of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia which stipulates that: "the Regional Government is entitled to established Regional Regulations and other regulations to exercise autonomy and carry out supporting functions." The mandate of the 1945 Constitution was strengthened by Article 236 paragraph (1) of Law 23 of 2014 on Regional Governments which reads: "To carry out Regional Autonomy and Supporting Functions, the Region shall establish a Regional Regulation." One example of the development of cultural policy carried out by the Regional Government is the issuance of Special Region of Yogyakarta Regulation 3 of 2017 on Conservation and Development of Culture. The Regional Regulation was prepared to harmonize the Law on the Advancement of Culture with the context of Special Region of Yogyakarta.

To support regional cultural policy development, the Central Government, through the Ministry of Education and Culture began the Special Allocation Fund (DAK) transfers to local governments in 2019. The allocation of the DAK for Culture was one of the resolutions at the Indonesian Culture Congress (see Goal 1, Measures that Support CSO Participation in Policy Design) which was held at the end of 2018. It is expected that the allocation of the DAK for Culture can support local governments in advancing culture according to the potential and challenges of each region. DAK for Culture has made it possible for local governments to plan and allocate program budgets for the advancement of culture in their regions.

To determine the amount of DAK for a region, the Ministry of Education and Culture uses a simple approach but remains focused on needs. Some considerations used include regional conditions and the seriousness of the Regional Government in the advancement of culture. One of the assessment indicators is the Regional Government's successful formulation of the Regional Cultural White Papers (see Goal 1, Measures that Support CSO Participation in Policy Design).

In general, the policy that decentralizes responsibility for policy development is intended to contribute to the following achievement of the National Strategy for Culture (see Goal 1, Main Policies and Measures that Contain Strategies and Frameworks for the Development of an Integrated Cultural and Creative Economy Sector):
1. Institutional reform and cultural affairs budget to support the advancement of culture agenda (Agenda 6); and
2. Strengthen the role of the government as facilitator in the advancement of culture (Agenda 7).

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