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Bulgaria supports the commitment of the EU and Member States to strengthen international cooperation in the field of culture, expressed in the Communication on a European agenda for culture in a globalizing world COM (2007) 242.

The measures that Bulgaria is taking to promote cultural exchanges with developing countries are on a bilateral level. Within the framework of the signed agreements and programmes of cultural cooperation provisions regulating the exchange of artists and cultural professionals are envisaged, through this exchange experience is transmitted and capacity is built among them. Under the provisions of a number of bilateral agreements  visa facilitation is envisaged for the participation of foreign citizens in cultural and artistic activities in Bulgaria.

Foreign citizens, including from developing countries can apply for support under the "Mobility" Programme of the National Culture Fund.

Bulgaria adopted a National Strategy for the Integration of Beneficiaries of International Protection in the Republic of Bulgaria (2014-2020). The national strategy aims to successfully integrate into Bulgarian society the beneficiaries of international protection or asylum seekers .Integration of beneficiaries of international protection is implemented through concrete measures and services in several priority areas: access to education and training in Bulgarian language, employment, recognition of qualifications, health care, social assistance, housing and integration into the social, cultural and civic life of the community, while ensuring synergy between them. The strategy is underlined by the understanding that the integration process is complex and lengthy, and involves various interrelated legal, economic, social and cultural dimensions, all of which are important to achieve a successful social inclusion.

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