Programmes and Activities Specifically Supporting the South-South Mobility of Artists and Cultural Professionals

ASEAN Secretariat
Ministry of Education and Culture
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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The ASEAN Artists Residency Programme supports the mobility of artists and cultural professionals between South-South countries. The program, which was launched in 2019 in Jakarta, was designed to explore ASEAN's identity and to deepen mutual understanding across diverse regional cultures. The result will be a high-impact arts and culture initiative in ASEAN that will contribute to the production of knowledge in the visual arts. This program offers opportunities for the regional artist communities to conduct cultural exchanges, provide studio and exhibition space, public education programs, and other promotional activities for selected artists for a month in Jakarta.

In general, the programmes and activities supporting the mobility of artists and cultural professionals between South-South countries are aimed at contributing to the realization of the following National Strategy for Culture (see Goal 1, Main Policies and Measures that Contain Strategies and Frameworks for the Development of the Integrated Cultural and Creative Economy Sector):
1. Develop and utilize cultural resources to strengthen the position of Indonesia internationally (Agenda 3); and
2. Strengthen the role of government as facilitator in the advancement of culture (Agenda 7).

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