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Cyprus Visual Artists Association - “Phytorio”
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The Cyprus Visual Artists Association (EI.KA) was founded in 2006 in Nicosia by a small group of artists. Its primary mission was to provide independent/freelance artists with social welfare and to safeguard their status’ rights. The association is housed in “Phytorio”, which has become a gathering place for the association’s members and the arts community in general (currently includes a large group of independent artists and art theorists). It is regularly activated as a platform for developing new ideas and projects. The Phytorio Artists-in-Residency 2020 is a programme organised by the Association. More precisely, eight artists and twelve collaborating artists / art theorists are participating as mentors of the guest artists. The programme’s duration is 5 months and is funded by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth and the Youth Board of Cyprus. Upon completion of each programme, an exhibition is organised and a relevant publication is organised. The future action plan of the Association includes two new programmes: i. the “phytoriocamp” which will allow a number of young artists and art theorists (under 35) to participate in a mentoring programme ii. Programme about the history of “Phytorio”, which will connect the members of the Association, through creative and academic research approaches.