Promotion of mobility of experts and creative people in the sphere of culture

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

Promotion of mobility of experts and creative people in the sphere of culture, and mobility are an efficient means of the culture policy of the Republic of Armenia, being aimed at development of international cooperation. Opportunities to ensure mobility are created for participation of Armenian art critics and culture figures in particular in culture events, festivals, tour performances, joint creative programmes, exhibitions, fairs and other events held abroad. Creative people and art critics of the Republic of Armenia took part in about 180 international programmes with support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia in 2007-2011. Over 2,200 culture figures and young art critics came to Armenia on a business trip and visited the country in the mentioned period annually. So, about 26 young stage directors and producers (17 of whom - with debut performances) of theatrical art sphere visited in 2007-2011; 153 beginner actors were provided opportunity to perform on different stages and theatre programmes. Eighty two performing musicians and about eight youth music bands took part in 57 international projects. Mobility is ensured by means of the opportunity for young staff to study or improve their skills at vocational higher education institutions and attend master classes abroad. Fifty five gifted children and youth took part in prestigious international contests and master classes in 2008 with support of the Ministry and by means of choice of specialists, 59- in 2009, 96 – in 2010; 41 – in 2011.