Public art and community art (Hong Kong)

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

To promote arts and culture in the community, LCSD set up APO in early 2001. The aim of APO is to bring visual arts to everyone's life, through continual enhancement of the public's interest in and ability of art appreciation and creation. To achieve this aim, APO has been organising various public art and community art activities and developing strategic partnership with the District Councils (DCs) and various art organisations to bring arts to different sectors of the society. For example, APO has been joining hands with different Government departments to inject artistic elements into public space of the existing and planned Government facilities such as parks, sports centres and Government premises.

Besides, HAB initiated a community art project “Budding Winter” in 2009/10 at four public parks in collaboration with local public universities to exhibit the artworks of university students and budding artists. The project aimed to enhance the public’s exposure to the arts and provide a platform for budding artists to show their talents. Over 200 000 visitors visited the art installations, among them about 15 000 public and 6 000 students from primary and secondary schools participated in free programmes including guided tours, dance performances, story-telling, games, etc.