Public calls for co-financing cultural-artistic creation

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

As one of the measures for enhancement and support to development of culture, the Law on Culture defines co-financing of progammes and projects of importance for realization of public interest in culture. This legal measure fosters realization of the set goals which, among other, include balanced territorial development of culture and creation of conditions for realization and development of all areas of cultural and artistic creation, but also to protect and promote diversity of cultural expressions differentiated according to areas of the public call. This form of regular annual support to cultural and artistic creation is in the spirit of measures for protection and promotion of diversity of cultural expressions provided for in the Convention, under Article 6 paragraph 2 items d, e and g.

Principale caractéristique de la mesure:

If we summarize the public call from the perspective of the entire cultural production, as well as the size of the population of Montenegro, it represents a form of public financial support for a large share of cultural projects. An approved project may be co-financed through the public call up to 50% of the amount of total funds necessary for its realization. In case of projects of special importance for Montenegro, they may be co-financed in an amount higher that the stated one.

(Public call 2009) In the context of implementation of the stated support measure, the Ministry of Culture published a public call in 2009 for co-financing of projects in six areas, which were selected as priority ones within the available budgetary funds: fine arts, literature and translation, music and musical and stage activities, magazines for culture and arts, manifestations and festivals, as well as the field of new theatre productions. After the procedure of evaluation and expert selection, the Ministry decided to co-finance in 2009 the total of 185 projects with EUR 496,450, i.e.: 53 projects in fine arts, 83 in literature and translation, 8 magazines, 26 cultural-artistic manifestations and production of 5 new plays.

(Public call 2010) After previous call, as a challenge of the cultural policy in 2010, there was a need to provide special support to certain areas of cultural expressions which are under a threat to become extinct in Montenegro, i.e. the need to stimulate cultural creation as a segment of sustainable development. In accordance with such intention, the spheres of co-financing were expanded with the following segments: amateurism, traditional crafts and skills, creative industries, support to persons with disabilities, as well as film creation, which had earlier been supported through special public calls. In 2010, in 11 public call segments, the total of 302 projects were selected for which the amount of EUR 916,700.00 was earmarked, as follows: for 67 projects in fine arts, 81 in the field of literature and literature translation, 12 magazines, 8 music projects, 11 new films, 32 manifestations and festivals, 5 new theatre productions, 19 projects in amateur creation, 6 in the field of traditional artistic crafts and skills, 2 projects in creative industries and 7 projects with contents intended for persons with disabilities.

(Public call 2011) In 2011 the Ministry of Culture decided, with the aim to support a broader range of creation potential, as well as promotion of the wealth of various cultural expressions in Montenegro, to expand the existing areas of public call with another area – creation of children and youth. One of the intentions in the process of evaluation and selection of projects was to favourise quality compared to the number of selected projects. The number of 203 projects were selected in 11 areas (excluding film), and the amount of EUR 594,168.00 was earmarked from the budget. If we summarize according to the areas, the selection included: 36 projects in fine arts, 61 for literature and translation, 3 magazines in the field of culture, 8 music, 6 theatre, 21 manifestations and festivals, 21 projects in amateur creation, 9 projects in the field of traditional artistic crafts and skills, 2 projects in creative industries, 10 projects with content intended for persons with disabilities and 26 projects in creation of children and youth.

If we compare experience from the stated public call periods, we can see evident growth in the quality and innovation of offer in cultural contents, which is a realistic indicator of successful realization of significant production in such manner. The quality was ensured through continuous support for projects that became recognized in this region with a tendency to exceed regional framework and cooperation with the relevant cultural acters as well as training of personnel for project development, raising the level of awareness and education in order to be able to apply with international funds.

Résultats attendus de la mise en œuvre de la mesure:

Having in mind the fact that the public call procedure is realized during the period of promotion of tourist potential, culture is in correlation with these factors placed within the context of sustainable development of Montenegro. One of the effects achieved through public calls relates to stimulation of creative potential of marginalized groups.
One of the significant effects of this measure of public financial support is active participation of civil sector, which holds a large share in realization of the public call production. Within that context, we state that, out of the total number of implementers, non-governmental organizations comprised 24% in 2009, 29% in 2010 and 41% in 2011.

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