The public Greek Radio and Television Company (ERT SA)

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The public Greek Radio and Television Company (ERT SA) is mainly active in television and radio programs. It broadcasts documentaries on multiculturalism and tolerance, and familiarizes the audience with poets and authors who came in Greece as immigrants or refugees. It also includes films from a variety of cultures. It airs a special show with music from all over the world, which focuses on the specific interaction of musical heritage with modern creativity (“Musicians of the world”). Its TV program includes satellite broadcasting for Greeks of diaspora.

Part of ERT SA’s radio program is a special radio station, Filia, which is addressed to foreigners living in the Greek society, broadcasting programs and
providing online news content in 12 languages apart from Greek: English, French, German, Spanish, Bulgarian, Serbian, Polish, Arabic, Russian, Albanian, Romanian and Turkish. It collaborates with the official communities of foreign residents in Greece and supports their cultural activities. There are also programs in the above languages related to Greek history and culture. Some radio time has occasionally been provided for live broadcasting cultural events of immigrant groups.

A special radio station of ERT SA, KOSMOS FM, is dedicated to multicultural music from all over the world. It has eventually become the most popular radio program of the company. The radio station Voice of Greece addresses the needs of Greeks of diaspora and second and third generation Greeks in their host countries. It focuses on cultural events held in the countries of diaspora as well as in Greece itself.

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