Québec’s International Vision

Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie [Ministry of International Relations and the Francophonie]
Ministère de la Culture et des Communications (cultural sector) [Ministry of Culture and Communications]
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In the fall of 2019, the Government of Quebec updated its international policy by releasing Quebec's International Vision. The province's culture and specificity, which are the foundations of Quebec's international action, are implicit in many of the ideas put forward by this policy, which is intended to enhance its economic diplomacy. In particular, the Vision encourages support for the international exposure of Quebec's culture, artists and cultural industries, recognizing that cultural content is one of the best vehicles for showcasing a nation's identity and promoting its interests in other areas of its foreign policy, particularly the economic dimension. More specifically, the International Vision reiterates Quebec's commitment to the principle of the diversity of cultural expressions and recognizes the Convention's importance as a fundamental measure to ensure the dissemination of Francophone cultures abroad.

The International Vision devotes a whole chapter to promoting Quebec culture and artists internationally. It describes the measures planned to support artists, cultural enterprises and cultural organizations in their efforts to develop international markets (see Section 2.1.1). The Government of Quebec intends to stimulate the export, promotion and discovery of Quebec's cultural works and productions through a number of actions, including the following:
* Enhance support for touring and the presentation and export of Quebec cultural productions;
* Increase support for the mobility outside Quebec of artists, cultural organizations and cultural enterprises;
* Create cultural showcases and put more emphasis on collective events abroad;
* Provide a budget for international co-production assistance;
* Improve the services offered to the cultural community by Quebec's offices abroad.

Funding is also planned to enhance cultural cooperation activities and increase Quebec's presence in international forums. Actions being considered include the following:
* Form partnerships, sign new bilateral cooperation agreements and add a cultural component to some existing cooperation agreements;
* Promote the diversity of cultural expressions, particularly in collaboration with the developing countries of La Francophonie;
* Strengthen Quebec's commitment to its partners in La Francophonie and its role in the field of culture within UNESCO;
* Enhance cooperation within La Francophonie with a view to increasing the visibility of Francophone cultural content in the digital universe.

To achieve its objectives, the government intends to rely on the tools and mechanisms provided by the support programs for the marketing of Quebec cultural goods and services, the network of cultural attaches in Quebec's offices abroad, and the development of business intelligence in the most promising cultural sectors

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Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation [Ministry of the Economy and Innovation], cultural agencies and Crown corporations
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