Raising women's profile in the arts

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

A wide range of initiatives have been undertaken in the interests of raising women’s profile in the arts, apart from those mentioned with regards Organic Law 3/2007. Some of these are mentioned below.

The Festival Ellas Crean [Women Create], held annually, stands out here. Its principal objective is to demonstrate how women are a creative and instrumental factor in intercultural dialogue. In addition, each year workshops called Women in the Arts. Excellence and equality in the contemporary system of arts in Spain España17 (Ministry of Culture. 2011) are held. Their objective is to reflect on the situation of women in the arts world and the feminist contribution in the creative field. Their impact has been judged acceptable, taking as an indicator the number of participants (120), whereas in the first years they were held (2009) there were only 85. Within the area of exhibitions, one interesting project is Problematic Fables. Women in the social arena. Conflicts and Paradoxes18 (Ministry of Culture. 2011), the objective of which is to draw attention to situations of inequality that arise between women’s artistic-cultural creations and their ultimate profile levels. The indicator used here was visiting numbers, 5,230. With a multidisciplinary nature, one prominent project is Heritage in the feminine (Ministry of Culture. 2011-2012). It aims to drive mutual knowledge and gender equality and raise the profile of the role of women in culture and in life. This has materialised in a series of initiatives: an online exhibition, a Seminar, a Course on Museums and feminine profile, and the publication of a second catalogue of Absences and Silences, during 2012. The impact has been measured in visitor numbers: 71,997.

Objectif(s) de la Convention 2005 de l'UNESCO
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