Report “Youths and Cultural Consumption” (Survey ENCC 2017)

Argentine Cultural Information System
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The results of the National Survey on Cultural Consumption (and general statistics on cultural practices) show that young people are the age group at the top in cultural consumption. They are the most digitalized group and they are also at the top of the cultural spending ranking. Therefore, they are strategic players when it comes to studying cultural consumption trends for the future.
In Argentina, young people lead almost all the categories in cultural consumption, with certain exceptions, such as radio, newspapers in paper format and the theatre.
Young people lead some cultural practices outside the home, which involve commuting or attendance to a special venue, extra money spending and the viewer's undivided attention, such as cinema, live music shows and dancing, but they are the ones who go to the theater the least. Also, they went from being the age group that went to museums the most in 2013 to the group that went the least in 2017 (along with senior citizens).

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The report on young cultural consumption provides a panorama of the main features related to access to culture and its generational, socio-economic, regional and gender conditionings.

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