S. Joao National Theatre initiatives

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

In terms of theatre, the S. João National Theatre regularly showcases theatrical performances in order to enable their distribution within national and international circuits. In 2011, a large-scale project, Odisseia (the Odyssey) supported four action lines, that combine the general principles underpinning all activities under development: creative labs, including training initiatives and creativity labs of international and national artists developed in the four cities promoting this project; presentation of shows as a complement to the presence of these artists; creative residencies involving international companies and artists in residencies in various spaces; participation by resident artists in approximation and training activities for audiences; showcasing and communication and dissemination, also including documental recording, reflection and promotion of the entire project. Odyssey: (The) Exhibition presented shows that are considered to be representative of theatre work in Northern Portugal, including the presence of international festival programmers and directors and regional and national agents. Another strand of this initiative was the Ports Festival, offering an intercultural programme, featuring various expressions of music from the Portuguese-speaking world, including fado, Portuguese traditional music, percussion and African rhythms, Iberian sounds, and Brazilian popular music; and the Odyssey: Theatres of the World Festival, that enables members of the general public to watch international shows from various countries, representing various forms of cultural expression. Every year, the TNSJ plays host to FITEI – International Theatre Festival of Iberian Expression, which has promoted the work of dozens of companies and artists, the vast majority from the Ibero-american universe.

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