Scheme of Financial Assistance to Cultural Institutions

Sangeet Natak Akademi
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The scheme is intended to enable the Sangeet Natak Akademi to offer grants-in-aid to select cultural institutions which are engaged in the promotion of the performing arts, namely, music, dance and drama. The grants-in-aid scheme is to serve primarily two objectives, namely, to provide financial support to institutions engaged in training in the fields of music, dance drama and to encourage production of new plays and ballets.

Financial assistance is provided on an annual basis to meet the expenditure on (i) the salaries and stipends of teachers and students (ii) honorariums and fees to the artists, (iii) expenses on new productions which will include rental charges and expenses on publicity, (iv) maintaining shows on a regular basis and cost of establishment (including cost of administrative staff up to 15% of the total amount of the grant). The scheme also provides for support to the folk performing parties in various regions working in the fields of music, dance and drama so that they are able to sustain their activities in their respective regions. The scheme also encourages work in other specialized areas in the field of performing arts such as community singing and children's theatre. The scheme also provides for support to research and survey project in the field of performing arts. The scheme provides support to any specific project of a specialized nature considered useful in the larger interest, for organizing festivals/special events/exhibitions of rare/dying forms of music/dance/theatre to create awareness of such art forms and for advanced training refresher courses, workshop and lecture-demonstrations, etc., by eminent Gurus.

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