Selam Development Project

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On April 17th, 2018 Selam Ethiopia launched its three-year project, Culture Leads the Way (CLTW). The project is embedded with the overall goal of strengthening and advancing the participation of cultural actors in development processes through different forms of cultural expression. The project has received financial support from SIDA. Some of the project core activities conducted include: ○ Capacity-building for authorities and institutions; ○ Discussions and activities related to The Role and Challenges of Cultural Centers; ○ Discussions and activities related to The Role of the Art /Azmari/: Past, Present, and Future; Debre Tabor, held in collaboration with Gonder University and Debre Tabor University. Representatives of different academia, regional, zonal, and woreda government officials of cultural offices, folk musicians and groups, and students of the Theatrical art department of Debre Tabor University participated in the forum. ○ Shaddey Cultural Event and its Relevance; Sekota, is the third Selam culture forum conducted in Amhara regional state. The forum was on “The Relevance of Shaddey Cultural Event”. About 120 participants from public and private institutions, cultural associations, universities, and individuals from the local community; elders, religious leaders, and youths have participated in the forum.
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