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In light of its objective of promoting culture, Selam has carried out the first regional Selam festival in Bahir Dar, a capital city of Amhara national regional state, in January 2019. Selam Festival - Bahir Dar (SF-BD) was aimed at promoting culture through creative works of local actors and institutions with the central goal of creating platforms for capacity building and creating networking opportunities. In addition, SF-BD has paved a way to showcase local, regional, and global cultural creative works. There are key partners of Selam in the Amhara region that worked hard for the successful implementation of SF-BD. Among these partners, Amhara Region Culture Bureau, Mulualem Culture Centre, Bahir Dar city Mayor Office, and Amhara Mass Media agency are the prominent partakers. Selam festival – Bahir Dar has achieved both organizational and socio-economic goals. With the aim of being one of the most extraordinary flagships of Addis Ababa by attracting various jazz lovers from all over the world during its festival days, Selam Ethiopia in collaboration with Selam Sounds presented a spectacular festival called “Addis Jazz Festival”. This festival was designed mainly to become one of the best Jazz festivals in our continent through professional event organization and presenting world-class Jazz playing artists for its particular Jazz loving audience.
Quels sont les résultats atteints jusqu’à présent grâce à la mise en œuvre de la mesure/initiative ?: 
● Young people have got a meeting space/platform to network and enjoy music. ● The festival helped event organizers and technicians learn about event organizing, sound engineering, light management, and other techniques. ● Artists were able to travel and show their works. ● Networking was created between local artists and international artists.
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