Sessional Paper No.1 of 2019 on Policy Framework for the Reforming Education and Training for Sustainable Development of Education

Ministry of Education
Décrivez les principales caractéristiques de la politique/mesure: 

The policy addresses the constitutional requirements and national aspirations as well as offer direction in modernizing and re-branding the country's education, training and research.

The Policy underscores the need for education to promote respect for and development of Kenya's rich and varied cultures.
The Ministry of Education supports measures through recognition of the Arts and Humanities as respectable disciplines for study by students.

Aside from teaching music as in educational institutions, the Ministry has established two programmes on cultural and artistic expression, namely Kenya Music Festival and Kenya Drama and Film Festival.

Kenya Music Festival is one of the co-curricular activities in the Ministry of Education calendar, which provide a valve for talent ventilation and development by gifted students. The Festival provide a forum for mentoring and nurturing promising performers of music, dance, elocution to showcase their talents and avail opportunities for career development. It also promotes the preservation and appreciation of the diverse Kenyan cultures to foster national unity, Kenyan identity and global recognition among other objectives.

During the period under review, the Festival assumed an international dimension when the India Commission sponsored oriental adjudicators to facilitate the oriental classes in the festival. This support ensures that students, mainly Kenyans choosing to demonstrate their talents in oriental music and dance gets proper mentorship and couching.

The Kenya Schools and Colleges Drama and Film Festival is an annual co-curricular activity of the Ministry of Education. The goal of the festival is to tap and nurture the artistic talent in the Kenyan learner and to educate learners and the audiences on the diverse issues facing them through drama and film.

The Ministry of Education recognizes that every learner has a right to participate in drama to gain appropriate knowledge, competences, values and attitudes. This enhances the learner's ability to contribute effectively to national and international development initiatives.

Quels sont les résultats atteints jusqu’à présent grâce à la mise en œuvre de la politique/mesure ?: 

One of the highlights during the period is the introduction of the film genre in the National Drama Festival. The Kenya Film Classification Board seeks to ensure that identified talent is well documented to become of value beyond the festival and school years.

The measure has also promoted Cultural Exchange. Kenya has been collaborating with Uganda to promote East African Community through cultural exchange in drama, and music. The Ministry has so far taken part in the Drama and Film Festival and Music Festivals in Uganda. Modalities are being worked out to make it a multilateral event annually.

The ministry has so far taken some students who had completed their secondary education and had taken part in the Festival for further training. It also mobilized youth who had dropped out of school but had music talent for the same training. They were given one week of intensive training in music. After acquiring the necessary skills, most of them formed music troupes and bands and are making a livelihood out of it.

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Kenya Film Classification Board
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Kenya Tourism Board
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Public Service Commission
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Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage
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