The Social Capital Development Strategy 2030 (project)

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland
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The Social Capital Development Strategy (Cooperation, Culture, Creativity) 2030 (SRKS) will be one of the instruments of implementation, adopted by the Resolution No. 8 of the Council of Ministers of 14 February 2017. The Strategy for Responsible Development until 2020 (with a perspective to 2030) (SDS) and one of nine national horizontal integrated development strategies. The main objective of the SDS is therefore to increase the quality of social and cultural life of Poles. The presented project is a changed version of The Social Capital Development Strategy, that is in force from the 2014 year. The implementation of the SDS main objective is carried out by implementing the directions of interventions planned for implementation in three key areas, whose key importance is also reflected in the new sub-title of the SRCS: cooperation, culture and creativity. These are:
- area 1: Cooperation - civil society,
- area 2: Culture - identity and citizenship,
- area 3: Creativity - cultural and creative potential.

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This policy is a project.

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The policy is a project.

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