Strategic programs to support the representation of Serbian culture in foreign countries

Ministry of Culture and Media
Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

а) Presentation of domestic literature in the world

The Ministry started the presentation of projects of national importance through translation of domestic literature into foreign languages. Books of Serbian writers are translated, and are mainly published by small or medium sized foreign publishing companies, specialized in certain topic or field of literature. Regarding this, interest in translation of Serbian literature has increased and our literature gained reputation and recognition on a world scale. In connection to above mentioned, there is almost no book from important Serbian writers that has not been translated into one or more foreign languages. The most of the translation was published in German, Bulgarian and Macedonian. It has been noticed that due to insufficient number of translators we are lacking translations into the following languages: Romanian, Turkish, Persian, Portuguese, Flemish, Scandinavian and Baltic languages, languages of the people of India and Far East, as well as into Russian and Belarusian. The Ministry in partnership with Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia and its Association of creative industry participated in over 30 Book Fairs throughout Europe. Serbia presented itself as the guest of honor on two book fairs: Fair in Leipzig in 2011, at which Serbia was the country in focus and at Fair in Thessaloniki in 2012. Within the scope of international promotion of literature, the project “Serbian prose in translation” deserves a significant attention. It is directed to annual support to translation of five domestic pieces into English. That enables putting our literary pieces in English on Anglo-Saxon and domestic market. Also, this project provides opportunity our literary pieces to be translated in other languages. Although the program is still an emerging initiative, tendencies on the market of Anglo-Saxon publishers, who have in their catalogues 3% of translated pieces from areas of non Anglo-Saxon languages should be taken into account, and successes of selection of domestic literary works into catalogue of translated books may be considered as more than significant. International translating center in Sremski Karlovci has been founded and Museum of languages in Tršić, birth place of Vuk Karadžić, founder of Serbian Cyrillic, has been opened. Residency house for writers in Tršić has been opened, intended for the work of foreign guests, authors who have at their disposal place to work and are enabled to get to know our environment.

b) Presentation of domestic cinematography in the world

Film center of Serbia presented new Serbian production as well as film projects in progress at pavilions at festivals in Cannes and Berlin. This was an occasion for promotion filming locations in Serbia and exploring possibilities looking for possible co-producers. Through promotion of national cinematography Serbia promotes itself as a cultural environment, economic partner in the field of cinematography. "Weeks and Days of Serbian Film" were promoted worldwide. This events were mainly financed by foreign partners (relevant film institution, festival or some independent association), and partly by the Ministry.

Périmètre de la mesure:
Principale caractéristique de la mesure:

Challenges identified in the implementation of this measure: It is obvious that above mention activities - international representation of Serbian literature and cinematography have been priorities of the Ministry in the scope of 2009-2012.

Principales conclusions de la mise en oeuvre de la mesure:

Within the scope of Open Call for Foreign Publishers for Translations of Serbian Literature, total of 189 translations of Serbian books into 21 foreign languages were supported, and for this purpose a sum of 245.920 euro was allocated (Annual Reports of the Ministry of Culture and Media; survey on titles of Serbian domestic writers translated and published abroad due to the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media in the period from 2008-2012) Participation in all relevant international film festivals in Europe and beyond: 2009-2012 period – manifestations have been held with help of domestic public funds, in Bratislava, in Washington, in Kiev, Istra, Beijing and Shanghai, New York, Cairo, Bucharest, Poznan, Helsinki, Torun (Poland), Paris, Stuttgart, Budapest, Rijeka, Hefei (China), Rabat, Stockholm, Vsetin (Czech Republic), Wroclaw (Poland), Johannesburg, Brussels and other.

Indicateurs utilisés pour déterminer l’impact:
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