Strategy of Education, Science and Technology – New Colours of Knowledge

Ministry of Science and Education
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The Strategy of Education, Science and Technology entitled ‘New Colours of Knowledge’ has been adopted in the Parliament in 2014. The main vision of the Strategy is a Croatian society where quality education impacts life of every individual, on the relations in society and on the development of the economy. It argues for a democratic, tolerant and innovative society where the potential of every individual can be fulfilled. It also argues for an economy based mainly on advanced technologies that will enable the creation on high added value, and highly educated individuals will be able to find adequate jobs. In such a vision of future education and science, culture plays an integral part, which is noted in the selected measures of the Strategy.

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The Strategy deals with culture through different type of measures, whether they deal with primary, secondary or university education – e.g. dealing with artistic and media education (introduction of the new curricula); through those dealing with the enrichment of the cultural life of students; publishing of scientific research; or those  dealing with the need of adjustment of the employment standards that would correspond to the artistic and cultural needs of the community. Special measures are oriented towards members of the Roma minority.

Résultats attendus de la mise en œuvre de la mesure:

The goal of the strategic project ‘New Colours of Knowledge’ is to enable every child to develop in a manner in line with his / her desires and needs, in a context  encouraging and friendly and geared to his / her needs. The aim is also to enable lifelong learning for each individual to meet his / her interests, make them more employable and achieve higher quality of life. Finally, the goal is to provide Croatia with a science that will work in the interests of the whole society, striving for high-quality results.

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