The Strategy for Responsible Development for the period up to 2020 (including the perspective up to 2030)

The Government of the Republic of Poland
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The Strategy for Responsible Development for the period up to 2020 (including the perspective up to 2030) - SRD - was adopted by the Council of Ministers on 14th February 2017. It is an applicable and key document the Polish State in the field of the medium- and long-term economic policy. This document constitutes the development and operationalization of the so-called Morawiecki Plan that in response to the challenges faced by the Polish economy defines a new vision and the country development model.The adoption of the Strategy was preceded by far-reaching public consultations with citizens, representatives of different communities, non-governmental and industrial organizations and members of the self-government.
The Strategy includes recommendations for public policies. It is also a basis for changes to the develop-ment management system, including the valid strategic documents (strategies, policies, programmes). Actually new integrated development strategies are being prepared. They will serve the implementation of the set objectives and making the SRD stipulations more precise.The Strategy determines basic conditions, objectives and directions for the country development in so-cial, economic, environmental and spatial terms in the perspective of 2020 and 2030. That document is an answer both to the transformation errors made until now, and to the new challenges faced by the widely defined socio-economic policy of Poland. The SRD defines a new model of development - responsible development as well as development socially and territorially sustainable. It also set up a system of co-ordination and implementation by determining roles to be played by individual public entities and methods for cooperating with the business and science worlds as well as with the society.
The main objective of the Strategy is to create conditions for increasing incomes of the Polish citizens along with increasing cohesion in the social, economic, environmental and territorial dimension.
Three specific objectives of SRD are as follows:
1. Sustainable economic growth increasingly driven by knowledge, data and organizational excellence,
2. Socially sensitive and territorially sustainable development
3. Effective state and economic institutions contributing to growth as well as social and economic inclusion

The SRD puts emphasis on the fact that human capital in Poland is not fully used. This is why it is planned to carry out activities in such areas as education, health, culture or civic society, thanks to which this capital will be stimulated.
The area of culture is strengthened through the implementation of programmes for the development of readership, citizen culture, the network of museums as well as organisation of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Polish Independence.

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The policy is in progress.

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Lack of data.

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