Support to the creation of cultural products

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:
In the field of theatre arts, allocations envisaged from the State Budget shall be directed towards creating modern competitive theatre products, making Armenian and foreign theatre arts popular in Armenia through the implementation of orders for creative work, organising international and republican theatre festivals in Armenia, ensuring the participation of theatrical groups and individuals from Armenia in foreign international theatre festivals, and the regular activities, technical re-equipment and repairing of 18 SNCOs implementing creative-oriented activities. During the reporting period, 60 orders for creative work were implemented, 4 dramatic works were acquired, 9 international and republican theatre festivals were organised in Armenia, the participation of 31 Armenian theatre groups and of 295 individuals in international theatre festivals was ensured. In 2015, 33 theatrical entertainment organisations operated in the Republic of Armenia, which staged 2 885 performances, increasing in number by 4.4 % compared to 2012. The number of spectators comprised 512.7 thousand people, which had increased by 16.4 % compared to 2012. In 2015, 65 new performances were staged by theatrical entertainment organisations, 11 of which were fundamentally renewed. In 2012-2015, re-equipment and capital repair of a number of theatrical stages were carried out. Thus, for instance: in 2013, the technical re-equipment of the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after Al. Spendiaryan and of Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall, implemented by the Austrian company “Waagner-Biro Stage Systems”, completed. To ensure the regular activities of the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after Al. Spendiaryan, structural modifications, vocational qualification examinations for the creative personnel, etc., were implemented as well. In 2015, the technical (sound and light modernisation) re-equipment of the National Academic Theatre named after G. Sundukyan started, which will be completed in September 2016. State support was provided for sound and lighting equipment, cooling system, as well as the implementation of partial repair works of the small stage of H. Paronyan State Musical Comedy Theatre. Activities for thermal isolation, partial repair, replenishment of lighting equipment were implemented in Yerevan State Musical Chamber Theatre. Upon the decisions of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, financial means were allocated from the State Budget for the construction of the new block of Yerevan State Musical Chamber Theatre and for the acquisition of lighting and sound appliances (the activities will be completed in 2016). The Small Hall after Mher Mkrtchyan was repaired and reopened with the means of Gyumri State Drama Theatre after Vardan Adjemyan. To acquire lighting appliances for the hall, financial means were allocated from the State Budget upon the decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia (the activities will be completed in 2016). Due to the consistent and targeted state cultural policy in the field of theatre arts, the idea of “free stage” was introduced and is effectively applied, which gives an opportunity to individual artists — directors, stage directors and private theatre groups to implement their theatre programmes, to become creators of cultural products. In the field, 4 non-governmental organisations closely co-operating with the State, carry out remarkably active professional activities. These are as follows: 1. Theatre Workers Union of Armenia, 2. Armenian Actors Union, 3. National Theatrical Creative Union, 4. Armenian National Center of the International Union of Puppeteers (UNIMA-ARMENIA). Today, 41 theatres and theatre groups from the theatres of various genre orientations (drama, opera, ballet, music, comedy, circus, marionette, puppet, pantomime, sketch, teenagers’, etc.) function, of which 18 are under the subordination of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia, 3 — of Yerevan Municipality, 2 — of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia, 12 — of community, 3 — of Marzpetarans (regional governor’s offices), 1 — of Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography, 1 — of Yerevan State University. During the reporting period, staging of theatre plays envisaged for the population speaking a foreign language, living in the Republic of Armenia, continued to be one of the main directions of state policy, which is aimed at ensuring inter-cultural diversity and implementing cultural activities complying with the demands of the consumer speaking a foreign language. The works of renowned French, Russian, German, Italian, English, Polish, Czech playwriters are included in the repertoire of theatres under the state subordination. Part of the plays are staged and presented to the spectators in the mother tongue of the author. From this point of view, it is worth emphasising the Russian Drama Theatre named after K. Stanislavsky, in the repertoire of which around 25 plays in Russian, envisaged for various preferences and ages, are constantly included. Each year, the repertoire of the theatre is enriched with 3-4 new best works of the world classical drama. The Small Theatre of the National Center of Aesthetics stages plays for spectators speaking a foreign language in German, English and Italian. In the 2012-2015 repertoire of the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after Al. Spendiaryan, 8 performances in Italian, French and Russian were included. In the field of music art, allocations envisaged from the State Budget shall be directed towards acquiring musical works, new elaborations and arrangements of compositions, maintaining and developing of the creative potential, creating concert programmes through orders for creative works, organising of international and republican music festivals in Armenia, ensuring the participation of Armenian music groups and individual performers in international music festivals, the regular activities of organisations, technical re-equipment and repairing. In 2012-2015, in the field concerned, 58 works of 46 authors were acquired, new elaborations and arrangements of 40 compositions were carried out, the participation of 47 Armenian music groups and 113 individual performers in 145 international music festivals and projects was ensured. 126 gifted children and teenagers from Armenia, as well as 3 children and youth bands participated in 52 international festivals and competitions. In 2015, 19 concert organisations functioned in the Republic of Armenia. 182.9 thousand people were present at 563 concerts organised in concert halls compared to that of 191.2 and 553, correspondingly, of 2012. In 2013, the activities dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the most renowned composer of the 21st century Aram Khachaturian, were the most prominent and significant programme implemented in the field of music art, being unique with both their geographical coverage and the conceptual exuberance. 74 concerts and events were organised in 57 cities of 24 countries (USA, Canada, China, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, Latvia, etc.). An international festival dedicated to renowned Armenian composer Komitas was first held, which turned into a significant event in the Armenian cultural life. In 2013, the activities dedicated to Sayat-Nova’s 300th anniversary also continued. Within the scope of the large-scale anniversary activities, concert programmes in Russia and Georgia, 10 literary-musical soirees and matinees, 1 international scientific session, 1 international conference of music libraries, 5 republican and international festivals and competitions, publications of books and musical notes (3), release of CDs (2) were implemented, the musical “Bridge of Love” was staged, one of the editions of magazine “Orer” of Prague was also dedicated to the great lyrist. Festivals “The times of Terteryan”, “Khachaturian and our times” and “Days of Komitas” were of the significant projects implemented in 2014-2015. In 2013, 12 musical projects were implemented (of which — 6 international and 6 republican competition-festivals), whereas 15 projects were implemented in 2015, including 8 international (7 festivals and 1 competition) and 7 republican festivals. To ensure the regular activities of SNCOs functioning in the field of music art, new musical instruments were acquired for Gyumri State Symphonic Orchestra, and stage costumes for Yerevan State Chamber Choir. The programme for digitalisation of musical notes launched in 2014. In 2015, 6 works (2 operas, 2 ballets, 1 symphonic picture, 1 Armenian chant [sharakan]) were digitalised. In the field of cinema art, allocations envisaged from the State Budget shall be directed towards maintaining and developing the creative potential through supporting script-writing projects of individual cinematographers, ensuring the participation of films of Armenian production and individual artists in international film festivals and film markets, creating feature, documentary, animation films, including through support to debut and student films, towards ensuring the regular activities of the two creative-oriented SNCOs, implementing services of preservation of cine-, photo-, phono-collections through digitalisation of films and making copies. In 2015, production of 37 films out of the 49, having been under production since 2012 in the 3 film-making organisations of the republic, was completed. Production of 12 films in those organisations continues, the completion of which is envisaged in 2016-2019. In 2013, the activities of shooting 14 full-length and 12 short feature (including 4 student, 6 debut, 1 children’s comic film series “Gzhuk” [Crazy] — 4 editions), 5 animated cartoons (including 1 debut programme — 4 animated cartoon-debuts), 15 documentary (including 2 debut) films, as well as those of developing 1 scriptwriting bid were implemented, whereas 15 feature film projects (of which 3 continue), including 11 full-length and 1 short films (6 works), 1 debut films programme (4 works), 1 student films programme (4 works), children’s comic film series “Gzhuk” (4 editions), 10 documentary film projects (of which 2 continue), including 1 debut programme (2 works) and 1 film chronicle, 5 animated cartoon film projects, including 1 debut programme (3 works), as well as the development of 2 scriptwriting bids were implemented in 2015. In 2015, 21 films were digitalised (instead of 6 in 2013) and 2 films were restored (as in 2013). During the reporting period, the films of domestic production, produced with the support of the Ministry, and the creative staffs participated in a number of international film festivals and film markets (Cannes, Moscow, Prague, Annecy, Tallinn, Lisbon, Guangzhou, Zielona Gora, Targu Mures). Support was provided to 5-6 international film festivals held in Yerevan (“Golden Apricot”, “ReAnimania” animation, “Rolan” for children and youth, “KIN”, “Fresco” of modern art and spiritual films and “Cinema Express: Armenia-Georgia” travelling film festival), to “Hayak” national films annual awards, to the implementation of “Kinoashun” [Cinema Autumn]) held by the National Cinema Center of Armenia in Yerevan, in marzes and military units of the Republic of Armenia, which, in 2013, was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of foundation of the Armenian film and the 75th anniversary of the Armenian animation, to the implementation of television programmes and televisions series dedicated to culture. In the field of fine arts, allocations envisaged from the State Budget shall be directed towards supporting the creative potential through organising individual exhibitions, supporting the participation of young artists in international biennials, exhibitions, and supporting innovative programmes, and the acquisition of works by contemporary artists. During 2013-2015, 12 works were acquired. At the same time, the participation of Armenian artists and sculptors in prestigious international biennials, exhibitions, plein air paintings and other projects was ensured. In 2012-2015, participation was ensured also in the 21st International Biennial of Humour and Satire in the Arts, Gabrovo (Bulgaria), under the motto “The World Lasts Because It Laughs”, in the 3rd International Plein Air Painting Festival, Visaginas (Lithuania), in the Artistic Plein Air Painting Festival, Elbong (Poland), in the Contemporary Textile Art International Biennial, Guimarães (Portugal). Contemporary Armenian artists participated also in the All-Union Art Exhibition of young artists held in the Central House of Artist, Moscow (Russian Federation), in the exhibition entitled “Modern Art of Armenia” organised in Sopot National Gallery (Poland). During the reporting period, around 24 anniversary and individual exhibitions were organised in Armenia. The International Symposium of Sculpture “Vital Source”, the festival “Armenian Palette” are among the significant activities implemented in Armenia. In 2013-2015, the National Gallery of Armenia was presented at the exhibition “Orientalism: Delacroix to Klee” opened in Saint-Tropez, and then, with 43 works by Hovhannes Aivazovsky, presented the exhibition “Hovhannes Aivazovsky: Time and Eternity” at Sopot National Gallery (Poland). 7 paintings by Minas Avetisyan, pertaining to the collection of the National Gallery of Armenia, were presented also at the Moritzburg Museum of Halle (Germany), at the exhibition “Minas and Narek Avetisyan. Modernism and Avant-Garde in Armenia”. The exhibition of works by Sergei Parajanov, entitled “The Colour of Pomegranate” was held at Solyanka State Gallery, Moscow. Allocations envisaged by the State Budget in the field of dance art are directed towards implementation of orders for creative work, acquisition of folk costumes, participation of young authors in the international dance projects with the aim to preserve and circulate ethnographic and folk dance. To ensure participation in the international dance projects, state and non-governmental bands participated in 18 international festivals and cultural conferences in 5 European cities, 7 projects were implemented, including 1 international, 3 republican and 3 regional tours, 6 anniversary events dedicated to choreographers and dance bands were arranged. In 2015 based on an order for the creative work, ballet performance “Meghapart krqer” [“Culpable passions”] was staged, 2 dance performances were renewed (“Loretsi Sako” [“Sako from Lori”] performance and “Zartonk” [“Revival”] staging). Allocations envisaged by the State Budget in the field of book publishing are directed to publication of writings of modern writers, including young and beginning writers, translations, publication of literature representing the cultural heritage of the country, participation in international book fairs, book art festivals and award ceremonies by creating modern, competitive book products. The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia provided support to publication of 149 books and 70 newspapers and journals in 2013, 136 books and 67 newspapers and journals in 2014, 122 books and 62 newspapers and journals in 2015. The books published in Armenian and other languages were exhibited in the international book fairs in New York (USA), Paris (France), Moscow (Russia), Frankfurt (Germany), Tehran (Iran), Minsk (Belarus).
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