Support plan for cultural activities of religious groups

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth / Cultural Services
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The plan, first implemented in 2019, aims to form the basis for targeted financial support to be provided to activities in the Cultural Sector, generated from the religious groups of Armenians, Latins and Maronites. Specifically, the implementation of the plan aims at the development and adoption of a stable and appropriately shaped financial tool for the financial support of significant activities, implemented by the offices of the Representatives of these three religious groups. Therefore, its implementation is directly related to the pursuit of establishing a capable and effective means of disposing, through transparent procedures, of the required financial resources for the timely and effective financing of activities that have substantial scope, result and importance.

For the first year of implementation of the plan, activities were approved and funded for the following offices:
* Office of the Representative of the Religious Group of Armenians
1) Teaching Armenian Traditional Dances and annual presentation to the Armenian Community.
2) Armenian Children's Dance Group Art School "Nanor"
* Office of the Religious Representative of the Latin Group
1) Tribute to the memory of Armando Josephen, entitled "Cypriot Song, Painting and Aeromodelling: A Celebration for Armando Josephen"
* Office of the Representative of the Religious Group of Maronites
1) Presentation of the doctoral dissertation of Dr. Maria Skordi, entitled, "The Maronites of Cyprus: History and Iconography"
2) Honorary Event for Tony Solomos featuring a concert entitled, "The Maronites of Cyprus through the Songs of Tony Solomos"

Quels sont les résultats atteints jusqu’à présent grâce à la mise en œuvre de la politique/mesure ?: 

Preservation and promotion of the cultural life and traditions of different religious groups in Cyprus, through cultural events, community activities and presentation of relevant research works.

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