Support and promotion of professional and amateur creative activities

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

This measure has been implemented through funding theatre and other performance organizations, as well as festivals, forums, exhibitions, plein-airs, competitions and other events. Only in 2015, 8 international theatre and film festivals and forums were held. In 2011-2015, Belarus' theatres delivered 656 new productions. Concert organizations prepared over 1,200 new concert programmes. Since 2011, the National Theatre Award and the National Pop Music Award competitions have been held. In order to support artists, funds are allocated annually from the republican and local budgets to procure works of music and fine arts. President's Spiritual Revival Award and special prizes are awarded every year to artists and cultural workers by the President of the Republic of Belarus. Prominent figures receive honorary titles. Since 2014, creative workers have been receiving Presidential grants for creative projects (new drama, musical shows, book publications, monumental art, etc.). In 2015, cultural workers received 10 grants from the President of the Republic of Belarus. Ceremonies to honour the patrons of arts, who contributed to the development of Belarusian national culture, have been held on a regular basis. Sponsor's support has been provided for the Slavic Bazaar Festival in Vitebsk International Arts Festival, the TeART International Forum of Theatrical Art, Yuri Bashmet's International Festival, the Listapad Minsk International Film Festival, the Minsk International Christmas Opera Forum and other cultural events. The process of the creation of private cultural organizations has been intensified. Six culture companies, such as the “Ў” Gallery of Modern Art, the House of Paintings, a private art gallery, the Museum of Medieval Knights in Połack, Viciebsk Region, and others have been created. Cultural institutions of different ownerships implemented a number of creative cultural projects, such as the Minsk Festival of Street Theatres, the CECH Project, the Old New Courtyard (the National History Museum of the Republic of Belarus), the March Cats Street Art Project (the PRCI Storytellers Agency), the 3D-graffiti street art campaign in Mahilioŭ. Its organizers were the Signal, street art project, and the Let's Be Belarusians!, a cultural campaign.

Objectif(s) de la Convention 2005 de l'UNESCO
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