Supporting Projects for Youth and of Youth in the Federation of BiH

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Youth development is a key driver of poverty eradication, therefore, through a Public Calls for institutions, association and NGO sector, the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports is supporting programs and projects for youth and of youth. In the last 4 years, this Ministry has been supporting programs and projects that are of particular significance for youth in the field of culture and sports as well as projects and activities designed to develop youth skills and knowledge in decision-making and leadership and/or positively contributing to their communities. For the Ministry, very important youth projects are projects aiming to: foster/encourage social inclusion of young people, build intercultural dialogue and develope intercultural competences, promote social cohesion among young people, improve the


possibilities of disadvantaged youth in the Federation of BiH as well as national minorities, ensure the sustainability of quality services that are available to young people, etc.

The budget for youth has been incorporated in the budget of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports. Thus, in 2013 the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports allocated 200.000,00 BAM for youth projects and of youth, in 2014 also 200.000,00 BAM, in 2015 400.000,00 BAM and in 2016 400.000,00 BAM. Therefore, in the 2013 - 2016 period Ministry has allocated 1.200.000,00 BAM. In 2017, the Ministry will also allocate an amount of 400.000,00 BAM for youth and of youth projects.

Also, the following foundations are operating within the FBiH Government: Cinematography Foundation, Publishing Foundation, Library Foundation and the Foundation for Music, Performing and Visual Arts. Those foundations have their own Budgets and Public calls for co-financing of programmes and projects, including beneficial projects for youth and of youth.

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regulatory, financial
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