Targeted programmes in the film sector

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:
A number of targeted programmes are implemented for the purpose of boosting diversification of the forms of cultural self-expression in the film sector. Namely, international festivals and film weeks are organised, conditions are created for joining international institutions, signing international treaties and implementing joint film production for the purpose of co-operation in the sector of film production and the film sector. In the Republic a number of republican and international festivals take place, ensuring the communication of citizens with multinational, multi-genre and diverse film art. “Golden Apricot” International Film Festival of Yerevan continues to be the largest regional international film festival receiving state assistance, and is held under the “Crossroads of Civilisations and Cultures” slogan. During the festival, one can find directors and films of various ethnic, national and religious affiliation that create aesthetic sense by introducing from a special viewpoint the everyday life, troubles, joys, household activities and lifestyles of ordinary people. In the reporting period, more than 400 films have been screened within the framework of the festival. In the reporting period, Charles Aznavour, István Szabó, Artavazd Peleshyan, Atom Egoyan, Jos Stelling, Godfrey Reggio, Robert Gedikyan, Serj 18 Avedikyan, Margarethe von Trotta, Ulrich Seidl, Ornella Muti, Nastassja Kinski, Jacqueline Bisset were among the prominent guests of the festival. Since 2009, world famous filmmakers having arrived from different countries have been delivering master classes to young filmmakers at the regional film school operating within the framework of the “Golden Apricot” film festival. “WebApricot” pan-Armenian on-line film festival continues to be held, during which the films are featured exclusively on (virtual cultural TV Company). Presentation of short films produced through new means of technology (mobile phones, tablets, smartphones) is encouraged. The other significant festivals of the film sector are the ReAnimania International Animation & Comics Art Festival of Yerevan, “Fresco” Annual Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual and Moral Films and the Apricot Tree International Ethnographic Film Festival, which make film art diverse. From the perspective of gender expression, importance is attached to the “Woman” international film festival launched in 2008. The “I am” youth festival and the “Rolan” International Film Festival for Children and Young People are among the festivals supporting youth and children’s authors. In addition to international and republican festivals, every year, national cinema months entitled “Cinema Autumn” are organised. Old and new Armenian feature, documentary and animated films, as well as releases of different years of the “Gzhuk” [Crazy] children’s satirical TV series are screened throughout the whole month in the volumes of the film magazine issued in Yerevan and marzes. Through the assistance of the Ministry, films of domestic production and creative teams have been shown at a number of international film festivals and in film markets (Cannes, Moscow, Prague, Annesi, Tallinn, Berlin, Lisbon, Guanchzhui, Zelena Gora, Turgu Muresh). Through the Movie Production Programmes, assistance was provided for the production of 17 films, including — 4 feature films, 12 documentary films and 1 animation film (currently undergoing production), and short and full-length films entitled “Never Again” have been screened in 9 countries (Belarus, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Turkey, Switzerland, Russian Federation, Georgia).